E- maketplace, una estrategia empresarial exitosa


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E- maketplace, una estrategia empresarial exitosa
Mitch Free- CEO - MFG.com, Estados Unidos

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E- maketplace, una estrategia empresarial exitosa

  1. 1. Mitch Free Founder / CEO
  2. 2. Quiz In English, what do you call a person who speaks 2 languages? Bi-Lingual What do you call a person who speaks 3 languages? Tri-Lingual What do you call a person who only speaks 1 language? American
  3. 3. MFG = Manufacturing
  4. 4. Hi, Mitch-- What you folks are doing is just about the most interesting and fascinating use of the Internet in manufacturing that I've seen to date. It really leverages the full power and immediacy of the Web. Best, -- PQ Paul Quinn Senior Writer/Features Editor Supply Chain Systems Magazine
  5. 5. What does MFG.com do? The global online marketplace where buyers and suppliers meet each other at the right moment in time, collaborate and do business together. Much more powerful than a directory.
  6. 6. Basic Concept Buyer Suppliers Request Matched to the For RIGHT Suppliers Quote Quotes Returned Online in a Standard Format Private Quoting, Not an Auction
  7. 7. MFG.com Facts •Largest Online Marketplace for the Manufacturing Industry •Founded in 2000 •Offices in Atlanta, Paris, Geneva, Munich, Shanghai •Operates in 9 Languages •Facilitates~ $11 Billion USD in Transactions Per Year •~200,000 Companies use MFG.com for Sourcing •~10,000 Companies use MFG.com to Find Customers • Privately Held (Mitch Free, Jeff Bezos, Fidelity Investments)
  8. 8. Important Marketplace Manufacturing is the largest of all economic sectors in the world! Everything physical is manufactured. Just look around you and on you
  9. 9. A Stapler Making a Stapler Involves: • Die Making • Mold Making Plastic Injection Molded • Screw Machining • Metal Stamping • Plastic Molding • Rubber Molding • Spring Making Custom Spring • Assembly Screw Machined Metal Stamped / Die Formed Molded Rubber Pad (on bottom)
  10. 10. Global Ecosystem
  11. 11. Value to Participants When a buyer with a need connects with a supplier that has the right capacity, expertise and credentials at the right moment in time the buyer gets great pricing and supplier gets a profitable order. Online marketplaces allow people and companies to connect that never could have found each other previously.
  12. 12. MFG.com Participant Fees • Buyers – Free • Suppliers Pay ($5,000 to $12,000 per year) •No Commissions of Transaction Frees •Ability to Discover and Quote RFQS •Buyer Contact Info •Inclusion in Supplier Discover Database •Search Engine Optimized Profile
  13. 13. Economic Indicator ? $ USD Value (millions) Sourced on MFG.com (Last 12 Months) 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0
  14. 14. Top Categories Textiles Metal Casting Machining Metal Stamping Plastic Molding
  15. 15. Trends •Smaller and More Frequent Orders •Distributed Manufacturing •Multiple Sources •Brand Ownership; No Factories •Customization
  16. 16. Successful Marketplaces •Many Buyers and Many Sellers (Highly Fragmented) •Marketplace Owner is a Neutral Party with Domain Expertise •Has Brokers / Agents that are Ripe for Disintermediation •Flat Fee Revenue Model to Sellers •Policed by the Online Community (Rating Systems) •Facilitates Online Collaboration, Due Diligence, Quoting, Ordering •Extensible – Integrates with Other Business Systems
  17. 17. Successful Participants •Comfortable on the Internet •High Speed Internet Connection •Global View •Understand of Their Unique Advantages •Good Communication Skills •Good Marketers
  18. 18. Suggestions for Colombia • Invest in Internet Infrastructure • Help Manufacturers Create and Exploit Unique Advantages • Don’t Try and Compete with China – Differentiate • Trade Agreements • English as a Second Language • Encourage Participation (Incentivize) • Market the Successes
  19. 19. New World Economy • Access to New Markets Like Never Before • Markets are Shifting • Wealth is Created by Making Things (Manufacturing) • The Divide Between the Wealthy and Poor Will Grow Wider • Time is of the Essence
  20. 20. To those who can’t hear the music, the dancers appear insane.
  21. 21. Mitch Free Founder / CEO mitch@MFG.com
  22. 22. We are in this together…