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Newspaper Analysis

Analysis of local newspapers.

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Newspaper Analysis

  1. 1. Analysing Local Newspapers
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  4. 4. Oxford Times Content: There are a variety of areas covered within this local newspaper; such as, music, wildlife, theatre, local news, and art. In terms of the voice, the appear is written formally , although there are times at which the paper aims to connect with the readers better through the use of opinions and somewhat colloquial phrases. What is most evident about this paper is the variety, with stories ranging from science to local community events. It may be that this paper is trying to reflect modern day culture, predominantly. Images: There are images used and incorporated into the main articles, most of which depict people. The image sizes vary, although there is the use of a large image to support the lead story; in this way an identity is being assigned to the article. The images are not overly professional or stylised, generally, rather they seem to depict reality accurately. The images are ordered as though to appear as though they are framed, but some of the images extend their frame. Adverts: This newspaper only features one advert on the first two pages, which is advertising a local offer. However throughout the rest of the paper i have found many adverts, the majority of which are advertising music events, the theatre, fares and auctions.
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  6. 6. Content: The content is aimed at the local audience and is adult focused; this is evident through the material covered such as property pages, job vacancies, and the fact that the cover story itself is addressing serious matters. There is only one cover story, whilst two articles are advertised with the relevant page numbers. The voice of the paper is formal, although there is the opportunity to write in to the paper as a member of the community, this appears to be more informal. On the whole, the paper covers a broad range of topics, including; crime, charity work, business, animals, cinema, etc. Images: Again the images used are depicting people, whilst being placed amongst the articles. The image sizes vary, although there is the use of a large image to support the lead story. The images appear to be fairly unprofessional due to what is being pictured and the backgrounds used The images on the cover extend their frames, however throughout the rest of the paper the imaged used are fit squarely beside blocks of text. Adverts: This newspaper features many adverts which cover a wide range of areas such as; jobs, self-storage, local venues to hire, schools, housing, etc. The choice of adverts featured highlights the audience being mostly adults. Leighton Buzzard Observer
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  8. 8. London Metro The content in this newspaper is very varied; including from politics, sports, arts, local events, celebrity gossip, etc. The audience for the magazine is commuters, meaning the audience is likely include young people and adults, this is evident through the wide range of areas covered. All the images on the cover depict one person, with images appearing relatively professionally. Overall, the voice of the newspaper is formal, with aspects of informality present within the gossip pages. Within articles the images are squarely framed by blocks of text. Circular frames appear on the cover, placed within a large rectangular strip. Images depicting celebrities have no background, they appear in front of or surrounding text. There are many fonts and colours used, some of which appear to be sophisticated whilst others are more “fun”. The paper also uses many font sizes. The articles are predominantly written in black ink in an easy to read font.