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Reading strategies[1]

  2. 2. COLOMBIA JOURNAL ONLINEPlan Colombia: A Closer look<br />septimoLecturafinal(cesar)2.doc<br />
  3. 3. CESAR’S READING STRATEGIES.<br />A) Read the following statements, then read the text “Colombia Journal Online” before you mark them True (T) or False (F).<br />The economic component of the plan Colombia consists of communist policies. (T) (F).<br />The implementation of such policies, benefit the Colombian economic elite and multinational corporations. (T) (F).<br />Europeans believe that Plan Colombia’s reliance on a U.S. spunsored war againts the FARC will only worsen Colombia´s social and economic situation. (T) (F). <br />In Washington’s eyes, it is the Colombian Government. (T) (F)<br />The plan intends to utilize a huge stick while offering a tiny carrot. (T) (F)<br />
  4. 4. Check Details and Factual Information.<br />There are two types of fact and detail questions:<br />Questions about what is true according to the information and questions about what is not true. <br />Answer choices for questions about fact and details may use the exact words of the passage.<br />
  5. 5. B) Identify the paragraphs in which you find the following ideas.<br />The economic component of the Plan consists of neoliberal policies that open up Colombia's markets and resources to foreign investors while cutting government social spending. PARAGRAPH N° <br />The European Union is being asked to provide additional funding, but many EU members are apprehensive because of the Plan's emphasis on a military solution to what are essentially political, social and economic problems. PARAGRAPH N°<br />Such a military strategy might, however, achieve Plan Colombia's sub-heading of "Peace, Prosperity, and the Strengthening of the State," not for the benefit of the Colombian people, but for the benefit of Colombia's political and economic elite. PARAGRAPH N°<br />
  6. 6. This exercise is very important, because it allows to student has better a reading comprehension, and help to identify the content of the text.<br />
  7. 7. C) Choosing:<br />WHEN- WHAT- WHERE- WHO- WHICH- HOW MANY- <br />1)..............................did the Plan Colombia consist? <br />2) ........................... billion did <br />Colombia ask for? <br />3) ----------------------- were initial Plan Colombia objectives? <br /> 4) ----------------------------- was developed this strategic plan 5) --------------------- were the beneficiaries of this plan? 6) ........................... will Colombia end Violence?<br />
  8. 8. This excercise is important because students remember the grammar, for example, the structures of the questions and use the correct form the wh questions.<br />
  9. 9. D) Which of the two following summaries express the main ideas exposed by the author?<br />SUMMARIES<br />A) It is clear that Plan Colombia's intent is to combat the principal threat to the nation's political and economic elite: the FARC. Also, with the implementation of neoliberal economic policies, in conjunction with the military component of the Plan, multinational corporations stand to profit from increased access to Colombia's extensive natural and human resources such as oil, natural gas, minerals and a relatively industrialized workforce. Such neoliberal policies have failed to improve the standard of living for the majority of people in the other Latin American countries that have implemented them; it is unlikely they will in Colombia.<br />B) It is clear that the military and economic components of the Plan will not benefit the majority of Colombians, but that is not the objective. The intent of Plan Colombia is to eliminate the FARC in order to preserve the political and economic status quo that has served the Colombian elite and foreign business interests so profitably throughout Colombian history. It is a "Plan for Peace, Prosperity, and the Strengthening of the State."<br />
  10. 10. This reading strategy is important because students can identify the main ideas of the passage.<br />
  11. 11. MY READING STRATEGIES.<br />In my opinion it is a good work, because Cesar uses differents reading strategies, but I think that is necessary more exercises of vocabulary, and to show a picture of the passage, for the students talk about the text. <br />
  12. 12.
  13. 13. 2. Match each word on the left with the correct definition on the rigth:<br />
  14. 14. 3. Read the following passages and fill in the blank spaces with appropriate words:<br />A closer examination of Plan Colombia _______ its true ________ to be the preservation of the political, social and economic ________ who through the implementation of a "carrot and stick“________. As is ________ in the initial installment of overseas aid--the $1.3 billion U.S. aid package--the Plan intends to utilize a huge stick while offering a tiny carrot. The ______, approximately 80 _______ of the U.S. aid, is for the Colombian military and police. The _________ constitutes the carrot: eight percent is going to alternative development; six percent to human rights programs; four percent to the displaced; two percent to judicial reform; and less than one percent to support the ________ peace ________.<br />Reveals, percent, status, evident, strategy, ongoing, process, remainder, objective, stick.<br />