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  • This is a good idea to somehow lessen issues on bullying not only in school but also in social networking sites such as Facebook. As a parent of a 10-year old introvert son, I am afraid that I don't always get a hold of my son's activities in and out of school. He might have been a victim of these bullies but he has been not said anything about it. Yet, luckily, I read an article about like an on-star for phone that has been working perfectly for me and my son. With just a click of a button, you get conferenced with an emergency response agent, a list of people in your so called-safety network, and can even get escalated to the nearest 911.Check it here:
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  1. 1. By: Claudia Vela Click on any picture to begin.
  2. 2. Directions: Read about cyberbully and pay attention because there will be a short quiz at the end. Click the arrows on the right or left bottom corners to continue the presentation. Additional directions will be provided throughout the slides.
  3. 3. What is Cyberbullying? It is when someone is harassed, embarrassed, or threatened by someone else through the use of technology. Cyberbullies use cell phones and the internet to target their victims.
  4. 4. What are some forms ofcyberbullying? Text messages Instant messages Websites Facebook Myspace Emails
  5. 5. Are you a cyberbully?Have you ever used a cell phone or computer to: Make fun of someone? Threaten someone? Pretend you are someone else? Forward or post private information about someone? Post or send embarrassing pictures of someone? Post rude things or lies about someone? Text mean things to or about someone? If you answer YES to ANY of these questions click HERE If you answered NO to ALL of these questions click HERE
  6. 6. Oh no! You are a cyberbully!Remember that you are committing a crime and that cyberbullying hurts people. Cyberbullying has evencaused people to kill themselves because they were so hurt. Please stop cyberbullying!
  7. 7. Great! You are NOT a cyberbully! Thank you for caring about others and don’t forget to tell if you know of someone who is a cyberbully.By telling you can help stop a cyberbully and save lives.
  8. 8. Have you helped a cyberbully? Cyberbullies never work alone, they use others to help them. Have you ever: Forwarded a rude message about someone? Laughed at a text or posting that says something mean about someone? Responded to a rude text about someone? If you have answered YES to ANY of these click HERE If you have answered NO to ALL of these click HERE
  9. 9. Oh no! You have been part of a bully circle!A bully circle involves anyone who is helping the bully. If you have seen a text (but didn’t tell), forwarded a text, laughed at the text; then you have helped a bully.Don’t help a bully! Stand up for one another and tell an adult!
  10. 10. You should be very proud of yourself! You have not helped out a bully and are not part of the bullying circle.Instead of making the problem bigger you are helping to stop the problem! Thank you for helping to save lives!
  11. 11. Have some manners…Displaying netiquette (online-manners) when online is important because it will help prevent you from becoming a cyberbully or a victim. Netiquette
  12. 12. Examples of Cyber Bullying Click the camcorder to view a video. When the cyber bullying video is done, click on the x on the top right hand corner of the web browser and return to the presentation.
  13. 13. What should I do if I am beingcyberbullied?Click on each icon from left to right, to read about what steps to take.
  14. 14. 1. Stop! Calm down and do not respond!
  15. 15. 2. Block the cyberbully so that they can not contact you online or through your phone.
  16. 16. 3. Tell a trusted adult! Ask for help! Do not stay silent!
  17. 17. Who do I tell? You should tell your parents, teachers, and principle. Sometimes, you even have to tell the police! You can also look online by searching for cyberbullying hotlines. (
  18. 18. Would you know what to do? Take a quiz to see if you would do the right thing. Read each question carefully and click on the best answer.
  19. 19. Your best friend sends you a text message saying, “EVERY1 shouldHATE Megan becuz she is soooo fat! HAHA!” What would you do?1. Laugh and forward it to everyone on your contact list.2. Show the text to friends at school.3. Tell a trusted adult like your teacher or principle.4. Only reply to Megan with “LOL, good one!”
  20. 20. That’s the wrong thing to do. Try Again.
  21. 21. That’s the RIGHT thing to do!
  22. 22. Someone made you mad at school today. What will you do?1. Calm down and talk to someone about it.2. Post something mean about that person on facebook.3. Text message something mean about that person to all of your friends.4. Text message something mean about that person only to your best friend.
  23. 23. That’s the wrong thing to do. Try Again.
  24. 24. That’s the RIGHT thing to do!
  25. 25. Someone from school has been sending you emails calling you uglynames and saying “I hope you die!” Today you found out that theyare sending embarrassing pictures of you through picture mail.What should you do?1. Calm down and just ignore it.2. Respond to the emails.3. Talk to the bully in person and ask them to stop.4. Quickly tell a trusted adult.
  26. 26. That’s the wrong thing to do. Try Again.
  27. 27. That’s the RIGHT thing to do!
  28. 28. You receive a text message saying “I’m going to kill you!” Whatshould you do?1. Stay home so that they won’t be able to hurt you.2. Tell a trusted adult and the police.3. Give the bully a warning.4. Tell a friend from school.
  29. 29. That’s the wrong thing to do. Try Again.
  30. 30. That’s the RIGHT thing to do!
  31. 31. Things to remember…1. Cyberbullying is a crime and has consequences.2. Cyberbullying hurts.3. Care about others and stand up for what’s right.4. Always tell someone if you or someone you know is a being bullied.
  32. 32. Learn More:Visit these Anti-bullying sites to learn more about how to help stop cyberbullying and how to protect yourself.
  33. 33. Thank You!You have completed the presentation!
  34. 34. Acknowledgements This interactive PowerPoint was created by Claudia Vela. All clip art, sounds, and other graphic elements are found in Office XP and Microsoft Office Online. They are the property of Microsoft. The news report video can be found on the CBSNEWS website under The Early Show.
  35. 35. References: Glor, Jeff (Performer). (2010 March 29). Cyber bullying suicide link [Television series episode]. The Early Show. CBSNEWS. WiredKids Inc., (n.d.). Stop cyberbullying. Retrieved from Wired safety. Retrieved from