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Valentines day


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A warm-up for a Special Celebration in the classroom.

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Valentines day

  1. 1. Valentine’s DayValentine’s DayCustoms and SymbolsCustoms and Symbols
  2. 2. February 14thFebruary 14th• Valentine’s Day is onValentine’s Day is onFebruary 14February 14thth..• Both children andBoth children andadults celebrateadults celebrateValentine’s Day.Valentine’s Day.
  3. 3. Wall CalendarWall Calendar• These children areThese children aremarking Valentine’smarking Valentine’sDay on a calendar.Day on a calendar.• The calendar isThe calendar ishanging on a wall.hanging on a wall.
  4. 4. Valentine’s Day CardValentine’s Day Card• This Valentine’s DayThis Valentine’s Daycard is pinkcard is pink• It has two hearts on it.It has two hearts on it.• Someone will sign theSomeone will sign thecard, put it in thecard, put it in theenvelope, and give itenvelope, and give itto a special a special person.
  5. 5. Chocolate CandyChocolate Candy• Red boxes ofRed boxes ofchocolate candy arechocolate candy arepopular on Valentine’spopular on Valentine’sDay.Day.
  6. 6. Gift and CardGift and Card• Someone will beSomeone will behappy to receive thishappy to receive thisValentine’s Day giftValentine’s Day giftand card.and card.
  7. 7. Flowers for HerFlowers for Her• The husband isThe husband isholding a bouquet ofholding a bouquet offlowers behind hisflowers behind hisback.back.• He is going to giveHe is going to givethem to his wife.them to his wife.
  8. 8. CupidCupid• Be careful…if CupidBe careful…if Cupidstrikes you with hisstrikes you with hisarrow, you will fall inarrow, you will fall inlove with the firstlove with the firstperson you see.person you see.• Happy Valentine’sHappy Valentine’sDay!Day!
  10. 10. THE ENDTHE END