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Atividade de ingles 20133


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Atividade de ingles 20133

  1. 1. ENGLISH WORK – 8° ANO – 2° BIMESTRIAL NAMES: _______________________, ________________________ NUMBERS: _____, ______ CLASS: _______________ DATE: _________________ LEIA TUDO COM MUITA ATENÇÃO E RESPONDA! 1- O QUE HÁ NO QUADRO ABAIXO? ( reponda com Yes ou No) a- There is a elephant? ____________________ b- There are two dogs? ____________________ c- There is a house? _______________________ d- There is trees?__________________________ e- There are windows in the house? ________________________________ f- There are a driver in the car? ___________________________________ 2- Dê o plural dos substantivos abaixo e traduza-os:: Teacher:_____________________ T:_________________________ Waitress: _____________________ T:_________________________ Secretary: _____________________ T:_________________________ Hat: _____________________ T:_________________________ Tie: _____________________ T:_________________________ Skirt: _____________________ T:_________________________ Sun: _____________________ T:_____________________________ Star: _____________________ T:_____________________________ Actor: _____________________ T:_________________________ Musician: _________________ T:_________________________ Nurse: _____________________ T:_____________________________ Lady: _____________________ T:_____________________________ Glass: _____________________ T:_____________________________ Kiss: _____________________ T:_________________________ Person: _____________________ T:_____________________________ Child: _____________________ T:_____________________________ Fireman:_____________________ T:___________________________ 3- Passe as frases abaixo para a forma negativa e interrogativa: a- There are many apples in the refrigerator. N: ___________________________________________________________ I: ____________________________________________________________ b- There is a cat in the living room. N: ____________________________________________________________ I: _____________________________________________________________ c- There are many girls in the Café. N: _____________________________________________________________ I: ______________________________________________________________ d- There is a boy in front of the post office. N: _____________________________________________________________ I: ______________________________________________________________