Prototype and test


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Prototype and test

  1. 1. Prototype and Test Claudia Ortega
  2. 2. Problem: How to help students to “wake up” (with attitude and preparation) to this new phase in their lives. The office of employability in the University have the following problem when they help student to go through the way of transition:
  3. 3. 1st Idea! New forms to communicate the experience of others Videos of reflection selecting a good song or compose it with phrases (given by recent graduates) …together create lyrics of a new song
  4. 4. 1st Prototype! Produce a video like this, but with photos of students that got a good job or create their own business (even showing the company logo) looking for the conection between their own experience
  5. 5. The phrases are the way they lived the transition, they could be more empathic with students We could open the composition for a contest You need someone helping in the production, to create a good product. Do you think the students could be motivate by this effort? Do you believe the song could be “good” enough? You could share the experience with other campus. Students like to promote their university, showing good experiences The idea is good, but maybe you should integrate a good team of singers from the University.
  6. 6. 2nd Idea! Follow a live reality show of five students during their first three months of transition
  7. 7. There are students that want to show themselves Obtained support by outside famous figura of TV or Radio, to promote the show They could follow it by social media The production could have a profesional support . How could you select the students? Do you expect every case, will be a sucess case? Try to find different profiles, looking for different dreams What could be the prize?
  8. 8. Reflection a. What you learned by testing your prototypes You begin to read people´s gestures and comments. They could show reactions that maybe don´t match with their “sayings”. There are many ideas you can´t show with the first version of the prototype, but you can understand better how to improve it. b. What you would do next if you were to continue working on the project. I really want to help the office in my University, I will impulse the reality show, looking to raise money to do it! I think it is a good experiment!