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APIBA e-TLSIG 6th meeting 2014


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APIBA e-TLSIG 6th meeting 2014

  1. 1. September 6th WIZIQ
  2. 2. 1- Welcome and Video. 2- Testimonial: “Useful Sites” by Iberia Denegri. 3- Downloading videos from Youtube by Marcia Balda and Silvana Lopardo. 4- Tips from Edcom Conference by María Marta Suárez. 5- Presentation: “Keepvid” by Claudia Antinori 6- “Youtubedownloader” By Fabricio Costa 7- APIBA Annual Seminar, October 4th. 8- Poll for a f2f Debate in October. 9- Google Site for Tertiary Level – Adriana Mizrahi. 10- Agenda for next meeting. Joint Session
  3. 3.          Testimonial on “Useful Sites” by Iberia Denegri
  4. 4. Downloading videos from Youtube Silvana Lopardo
  5. 5. Tips on Edcom Conference By María Marta Suárez
  6. 6. Downloading videos with Keepvid By Claudia Antinori
  7. 7. How to download videos with Youtubedownloader Online practice session By Fabricio Costa
  8. 8.  ENROL NOW, APIBA members!  A whole day event to enjoy great speakers updating you on what has been going on in the last few years in the fields of Language, ELT Methodology, Literature and Grammar. Get updated on the recent-goings on.  .-Venue; J. V. González .-Speakers: Ricardo Cavallini, Gustavo Paz, Mariano Quinterno, Daniel Ferreyra, Fernando Mortoro, Graciela Palacio y Sergio Rodriguez
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Google Site By Adriana Mizrahi
  11. 11. Our next meeting will take place on:  October 18th –f2f INSPT- UTN – Triunvirato 3174, 3rd Floor, Room 303 [Possible online session – WIZIQ]  Coordinators in charge: Claudia, Iberia and……..  Presenters: Marcia Balda, Adriana Mizrahi, Viviana Myslicki, Claudia Antinori  Debate: Google Drive/Dropbox- Facebook/Edmodo – Wordle/ – Wiziq/another platform – Lino/Padlet …………………………… • Testimonial: Google sites/ Yahoo groups/ Facebook groups • Presentation: Downloading videos - Speechable
  12. 12. Claudia, Marcia, Iberia &Silvana