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AkLA 2015: Early Literacy & New Media for Young Children Pre-conference


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Slides from the Early Literacy & New Media for Young Children Pre-conference at the Alaska Library Association's 2015 annual conference in Juneau, Alaska.

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AkLA 2015: Early Literacy & New Media for Young Children Pre-conference

  1. 1. Early Literacy, New Media & Young Children
  2. 2. Claudia Haines Homer Public Library
  3. 3. Goals for Workshop ●  Gain confidence to begin (or continue!) intentionally using new media in storytime & other library programs ●  Evaluate Apps & eBooks ●  Identify ways to support families and their literacy needs in the digital age
  4. 4. The Plan Introductions What is New Media? What Research is Showing and What the Experts Tell Us BREAK Librarians as Media Mentors Every Child Ready to Read: Quick Overview Integrating New Media into Storytime and Other Library Programs BREAK Digital Media Evaluation Evaluation in Action (group discussion & sharing) Wrap-up
  5. 5. Intros Your name Your library Your interest in new media
  6. 6. What is New Media? ?
  7. 7. Who Uses New Media? 75% of households have some sort of access to digital media at home 40% of families with kids under 8 own a tablet 72% of kids ages 0-8 have used digital media of some kind Zero to Eight: Children’s Media Use in America 2013
  8. 8. What Do the Experts Say About New Media? ●  National Association Education of Young Children & Fred Rogers Center ●  Zero to Three ●  American Academy of Pediatrics ●  Lisa Guernsey (New America Foundation) ●  Joan Ganz Cooney Center ●  Association for Library Services to Children
  9. 9. Children First!
  10. 10. NAEYC/Fred Rogers Center Position Statement Key messages: ●  Intentional use of appropriate technology can support learning & development ●  Limit media use- interactive vs. passive media ●  Special considerations for media use <2 years old ●  Digital citizenship requires equitable digital access ●  Ongoing research & professional development is necessary
  11. 11. Screen Sense: Setting the Record Straight Key Messages: ●  Caregivers should participate when young children use digital media ●  Help children extend the learning experience beyond the screen ●  Choose high quality content, especially interactive vs. passive content
  12. 12. AAP Policy Statement Key Messages: ●  Health care providers should educate themselves about media ●  Children’s entertainment screen time < 1-2 hours daily ●  Children < age 2 should not be exposed to screen media ●  Caregivers should establish a family media plan Dr. Dimitri Christakis ●  New opinion ●  New definition of “screen”
  13. 13. Lisa Guernsey Context: How is it being used? Child: What are the specific needs of the individual child using it? Content: What is the specific technology?
  14. 14. Joan Ganz Cooney Center Joint media engagement: spontaneous and designed experiences of people using media together
  15. 15. Association of Library Services for Children (ALSC) ●  Discussions about new media ●  Curated lists of digital media resources for librarians ●  New Media in Libraries Survey ●  White Paper ●  What else do you need?
  16. 16. How do Families Decide What’s Right for Their Young Children? from cover of This Book is Overdue by Marilyn Johnson
  17. 17. Librarians as Media Mentors: Lisa Guernsey’s Call to Action
  18. 18. Young Children & New Media in Libraries Survey 71% have used one or more types of new media in programming for young children 415 respondents 58% plan to increase their new media availability for youth 39% use devices in storytime 22% provide device mentoring
  19. 19. BREAK
  20. 20. Every Child Ready to Read 2: Quick Overview Early Literacy What children know about reading and writing before they formally learn to read and write
  21. 21. New Media in Storytime: My Toolkit
  22. 22. New Media in Storytime: Why? ●  New ways to foster early literacy ●  Equitable access to digital tools ●  Model positive, appropriate practices ●  Advisory for families using digital media ●  Engage new kids, or kids in different ways
  23. 23. What’s in my toolkit that helps kids learn? Not how can I use this device?
  24. 24. New Media in Storytime: Considerations ●  Intentional Use! Use your experience & knowledge for appropriate practice. ●  Does it Foster Interactive Experiences? ●  Does it Build Relationships? ●  Does it help families practice Reading, Talking, Singing, Writing or Playing? ●  Does it promote Social/Emotional Development?
  25. 25. New Media in Storytime: How to Get Started Choose new media that fits your space, your families and program! photo with permission
  26. 26. New Media in Storytime: How to Get Started ●  Know how the equipment works. ●  Choose one digital element to integrate at a time. ●  Practice, practice, practice! ●  Plan transitions and create “plan B” for the unanticipated. ●  Include “aside” for parents about tool you’re using, as you would do with other storytime elements.
  27. 27. Media Mentors in Action Anne Hicks, Henrietta Public Library, Carissa Christner, Madison Public Library
  28. 28. Media Mentors in Action Sara Saxton, Wasilla Public Library photo with permission
  29. 29. Book App vs. eBook Happy Hippo, Angry Duck iBooks But Not the Hippopotamus iPad and iPhone
  30. 30. Non-fiction/Information Book App Oceanhouse Media iPad and iPhone ECRR2: Talking, Reading
  31. 31. ECRR2: Talking Book App
  32. 32. Toy App: Sago Mini Monsters Sago Sago iPad and Amazon ECRR2: Talking, Playing
  33. 33. Toy App Vector Park: iPad and iPhone & desktops (coming soon) ECRR2: Reading, Talking, Playing
  34. 34. Presentation Apps: Keynote, PPT, Google Slides or Evernote ECRR2: Reading, Talking, Singing
  35. 35. Camera Super Hero! Photo Booth ECRR2: Reading, Talking, Playingphoto with permission
  36. 36. Creation Apps: Felt Board ECRR2: Talking, Writing, Reading, Singing, Playing Felt Board iPad and Amazon Felt Board- Mother Goose on the Loose iPad
  37. 37. Creation Apps: Sago Mini Doodlecast Sago Sago iPad ECRR2: Talking, Writing, Reading, Singing, Playing
  38. 38. Cornell Lab of Ornithology iPad and iPhone and Google Play Other Apps: Merlin Bird ID ECRR2: Talking, Reading (and listening!)
  39. 39. Other Apps: Digital Music ●  iTunes/Google Play (buy or load music from your library’s collection) ●  Sound Cloud ●  YouTube ECRR2: Singing, Talking, Reading
  40. 40. Makey Makey PhotocourtesyofLilaLeeLittle ECRR2: Singing, Talking, Playing Joy Labz: desktop
  41. 41. Apps: Supporting Diversity & Making it Relevant Winter Is by Ann Dixon and Mindy Dwyer Auryn, Inc: iPad and iPhone ECRR2: Talking, Reading
  42. 42. Apps: Supporting Diversity & Making it Relevant Mil'iq Maaliq-llu Qavartaliyartuk (Milly and Molly go Camping) Kashunamiut School District iPad ECRR2: Talking, Reading, Writing
  43. 43. Apps: Supporting Diversity & Making it Relevant Hairy Maclary and Donaldson’s Dairy Lynley Dodd iPad and iPhone ECRR2: Talking, Reading, Writing
  44. 44. Beyond Storytime: Other Uses of New Media ●  Stationary iPads in the library- App of the Week ●  Literacy Nights for Families ●  Early Literacy Support for Caregivers ●  QR codes ●  Remote Connections ●  New Media Advisory
  45. 45. Beyond Storytime: Around the Library
  46. 46. Beyond Storytime: Family Game Night Words for Osmo iPad Newton for Osmo iPad ECRR2: Talking, Reading, Writing
  47. 47. Beyond Storytime: Math Night ●  Up to 100 (with wooden numbers) iPad ●  Pettson’s Inventions iPad and iPhone and Google Play ●  Toca Builders iPad and iPhone and Google Play ●  Inventioneers iPad and iPhone, Google Play, Amazon ●  Endless Numbers iPad and iPhone
  48. 48. Beyond Storytime: Early Literacy Support Zero to Three-Let’s Play (Zero to Three) iPad and iPhone and Google Play Grow a Reader (Calgary Public Library) iPad and iPhone
  49. 49. Beyond Storytime: QR Codes Around the Library
  50. 50. Beyond Storytime: Remote Connections A Story Before Bed iPad and iPhone or Google Hangouts Skype iPad and iPhone, Google Play, Windows phone or desktop Kindoma iPad and iPhone FaceTime iPad and iPhone
  51. 51. Beyond Storytime: App Advisory ●  Brochures for parents ●  Informal recommendations ●  App lists on library’s website or social media pages ●  App lists in book displays
  52. 52. Evaluating New Media ●  Your experience and knowledge ●  Rubric ●  Review sources ●  Time to play
  53. 53. Evaluating Story Apps: Good Night, Good Night, Construction Site Oceanhouse Media iPad and iPhone
  54. 54. Evaluating Toy Apps: Toca Nature Toca Boca: iPad and iPhone Check out the cool Animal Mask
  55. 55. Hands-on: Now it’s your turn! ●  Divide into groups ●  Pick an app ●  Evaluate it as a group ●  Pick how you would use it (in a program? for advisory?) ●  App Talk!
  56. 56. Resources ●  Resource List ●  App List ●  Your Personal Learning Network! Photo:
  57. 57. Wrap Up Tell us something you learned? Name one way new way you can support the digital lives of families in your community? Questions? App Codes Giveaway!
  58. 58. Contact Me Claudia Haines Homer Public Library @claudiahaines