Rise of Hitler - instructions


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Rise of Hitler - instructions

  1. 1. Ho w Didhitle r riseto po wer?
  2. 2. The year is 1933Your Job: intelligence agent withthe British Secret IntelligenceServiceYour cover story: You are travelling toGermany to start a business thereYour Mission: To find out the reasonswhy Hitler came to power
  3. 3. Background BriefingHis  own  strengths   Other  events   His ownand  abilities   Other events beyond  his  control   strengths• Leadership  skills  • Nazi  promises  and   beyond his • Economic  depression   • The  German  public’s   and abilities propaganda  • Nazi  organisation   control fear  of  communism   • Political  deals  made   with  German  leaders   Hitler’s Rise to Power
  4. 4. Mission Briefing"   Each  team  will  be  given  1  of  the  6   possible  reasons  why  Hitler  came   to  power  "   It  is  your  job  to  investigate  this   given  reason  and  create  a  short   presentation  on  how  it  helped   Hitler  rise  to  power   "   You  will  investigate  using  3   sources  from  the  intelligence  file  "   Presentations  will  be  created  at   http://tinyurl.com/3x-­‐riseo5itler  "   The  intelligence  file  (sources)  and   more  information  are  all  available   at  there  
  5. 5. Action PlanThere  is  an  intelligence  file  available  at  http://tinyurl.com/3x-­‐riseoQitler  on  Hitler’s  rise  to  power    1.  Look  through  the  file  and  choose  3   sources  that  help  you  explain  your  given   reason   from   http://tinyurl.com/3x-­‐riseoQitler  and  work   on  the  slides  with  your  given  reason  3.  Your  slides  should  include  an  analysis  of   the  3  sources  and  what  they  tell  you  about   the  reason  why  Hitler  rose  to  power.  
  6. 6. Your lead1.  Economic  depression  (x2)  2.  The  German  public’s  fear  of   communism  3.  Political  deals  made  with  German   leaders  (x2)  4.  Hitler’s  leadership  skills  5.  Nazi  promises  and  propaganda  6.  Nazi  organisation  
  7. 7. Your Team1.  Researcher:  read  and  research  2.  Scribe:  take  notes  and  type/ beautify  the  slides  3.  Timekeeper:  keep  track  of  time   and  keep  group  members  on   task  4.  Presenter:  present  research  to   class