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Word and sentence stress


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Word and sentence stress

  1. 1. Word and sentence stress
  2. 2. “Houston, we have a problem”
  3. 3. “I see dead people”
  4. 4. “Run Forest, run”
  5. 5. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”
  6. 6. “Nothing beats a first kiss”
  7. 7. “To infinity and beyond”
  8. 8. “May the force be with you”
  9. 9. “I’ll be back”
  10. 10. “My mamma always said: Life waslike a box of chocolates you never know what you’re gonna get”
  11. 11. Which of the following words has the stress on the first syllable• Biologist• Photographer• Psychiatrist• Secretary
  12. 12. Which 2-syllable word has a different stress pattern from the others?• a) police• b) mother• c) student• d) money
  13. 13. Which 2-syllable word has a different stress pattern from the others?• a) career• b) shampoo• c) balloon• d) problem
  14. 14. Which 3-syllable word has a different stress pattern from the others?• a) cinema• b) Saturday• c) umbrella• d) manager
  15. 15. Which 3-syllable word has a different stress pattern from the others?• a) potato• b) paragraph• c) computer• d) professor
  16. 16. Which of these adjectives beginning with ‘un’ or ‘in’ has the stress on the final syllable?• a) informal• b) unhappy• c) unfriendly• d) unemployed
  17. 17. Underline the stressed syllable• Economic • Contagious• Economy • Delicious• Democracy • Ecological• Volunteer • Relevant• Acquisition • Unfortunately• Acquire • Accuracy• Verification • Category• Recognizable • Comfortable• Necessary • Literature• Exception • Subsequent
  18. 18. Can you pass me a plastic knife?I want to take a photography class.China is the place where I was born.Please turn off the television before you go out.I cant decide which book to borrow.Do you understand this lesson?Sparky is a very happy puppy.It is critical that you finish your essay.My Grandfather wears an old-fashioned coat.There is a lot of traffic on the highway today.
  19. 19. Register-Record-Upset-Project-Control- protest- subject- present• They are conducting a science project• Before the meeting, you have to register first.• The equipment is out of control• A protest was held by the company against animal testing• This offer is subjected to the approval of the board
  20. 20. What is stress? How can you identify stressed syllables? Which sound never appears within a stressed syllable? Up to how many levels of stress have been identified?
  21. 21. • When a word or syllable is pronounced with greater force than other words in the same sentence or other syllables in the same word,.
  22. 22. STRESS FEATURESPitch change: prominenceLoudness: Level of speaker’s voiceLength: Longer syllable
  23. 23. Word StressQualify banana understand Ooo oOo ooO Syllabus Engagement Usherette Substitute Banana Kangaroo Technical phonetic understand
  24. 24. Key Rules• Schwa is by nature an unstressed sound, never appears within a stressed syllable• We can only stress vowels not consonants
  25. 25. Plumber- electrician- doctor- journalist-musician- shop- assistant- teacher- soldier- novelist- architect- carpenter- actor- policeman- fireman- lecturer- florist- businessman- artist- farmer- scientist- researcher- gardener-designerOo Ooo oOo Oooo ooOo
  26. 26. When a noun or adjective comes • Artist friendly from a one-syllable word When a verb comes from a one- • Remove become syllable word, compound verbs second syllable • Understand overflow Some two- syllable words are both • Record record nouns and verbs.Compound nouns are made from two • Bookshop newspaper smaller words • Check-in desk crossword • ForgetStress does not change when adding • Forgetful prefixes or suffixes • QuietlyFor compound adjectives, the stress • bad-TEMpered, old-FASHioned is on the second part
  27. 27. Sentence stress• The beautiful Mountain appeared transfixed in the distance.• He can come on Sundays as long as he doesnt have to do any homework in the evening.
  28. 28. Sentence stress• He LIVES in the HOUSE on the CORnerContent words: conveying important informationFunction words: hold language togetherTonic syllable: Corner: most important wordLonger, louder, main pitch
  29. 29. Prepositions • before, next Auxiliary to, opposite Pronouns verbs • they, she, us • dont, am, can, wereDeterminers Conjunctions• the, a, Function • but, while, some, a few words as
  30. 30. NounsMainverbs Adjective s& adverbsContent words
  31. 31. Sentence stress• Isochrony is the idea that a language rhythmically divides time into equal portions. Three types of divisions are postulated:• the temporal duration between two stressed syllables is equal (stress-timed);• The duration of every syllable is equal (syllable-timed);• the duration of every mora is equal (mora- timed).
  32. 32. Isochronicity
  33. 33. In which sentence does the speaker want to tell us that John’s car is not second hand?• a) John’s bought a new car.• b) John’s bought a new car.• c) John’s bought a new car.• d) John’s bought a new car.
  34. 34. • Where did you say John lives?• He lives in the house on the corner• John lives in the block of flats on the corner, doesn’t he?• No, he lives in the house on the corner
  35. 35. Sentence meaningI love you (…and I want you to knowthis)I love you (I don’t love her)I love you (He doesn’t)