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Listening about couples.


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Listening about couples.

  1. 1. Pronunciation II Claudia Andrea Cárdenas Listening exerciseName: ___________________________________________ Cod: _____________ Date:______1. Answer and discuss the following questions. a. Do you believe in love? Why? b. What is love for you? c. Do you think you can be in love with 2 people at the same time? d. Do you believe in marriage? e. What do you think about divorce?2. Write the word that best describes each picture. /ˈstɔːrmi/ – /splɪt ʌp/ – /ˈhɑːrtbrəʊkən/– /ɡet dɪˈvɔːrst/ – /ˈmarɪʤ/__________ __________ __________ __________ __________3. According to the listening answer the following questions. a. Was Frank Sinatra single when he fell in love with Ava Gardner? b. How was Frank and Ava’s relationship like? c. How much time did their relationship last? d. Who was the love of Frank Sinatra’s life?4. Complete the following sentences based on the listening. a. He _____________ so that he could _________ her. b. It was a _________ relationship. c. When they ____________ he was ___________. d. Their __________ lasted only 3 years.5. Write a dot on top of the stressed syllable. Relationship Heartbroken Marriage Divorced Stormy Split up