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  1. 1. Claudia Cárdenas
  2. 2. Intonation• The way voice goes up and down in pitch• The beautiful Mountain appeared transfixed in the distance.• He can come on Sundays as long as he doesnt have to do any homework in the evening.
  3. 3. Prepositions • before, next Auxiliary to, opposite Pronouns verbs • they, she, us • dont, am, can, wereDeterminers Conjunctions• the, a, Function • but, while, some, a few words as
  4. 4. Tones, tonic syllables and tone units• Tonic syllables: syllables where the main pitch movement occurs• Onset syllables: syllables that establish a pitch that stays constant up to the tonic syllable• Tone units: enclosed within two pairs of slanted lines – //She LIVES in LONdon//
  5. 5. EXERCISE• How many tonic syllables, onset syllables and tone units can you identify? – She’s lived in London since she was twenty• Show the intonation with an arrow – What time does your train leave? – What time does your train leave?• Fall and fall rise
  6. 6. Intonation patterns
  7. 7. Information • Who, what, where questions • Falling intonation, first time • Yes-no answer Questions • Rising • Falling Statements • He lives in the house on the corner. It’s over there • FallingImperatives • Sit down, put it on the table • Showing less certaintyQuestion tags • Rising • Rising, rising and falling Lists • You need a pen, a pencil and some paper.
  8. 8. • Erik plays the flute, clarinet and saxophone. Isn’t that great?
  9. 9. Identify the intonation patterns in the next tapescriptTara: Why did you leave London? You had a good job.Mel: Yes, but I’ve got a better job here.Tara: But the country’s so boring.Mel: No, it isn’t. It’s much more exciting than London. Seacombe has got shops, a cinema, a theater and a park.Tara: Ok. Everything is wonderful! So when can I visit you?
  10. 10. • on/upper- intermediate%20intonation%20exercise.htm• yer_embedded&v=ldLcRnPGlsQ#!• hlM&feature=related• Fo0