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Forbes Greater Rochester Section May 2010


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Forbes Greater Rochester Section May 2010

  1. 1. Special Advertising Section New York’s Home For Smart Business Resilient, resourceful and top-ranked for its knowledge workforce, the Greater Rochester, New York Region is attracting and keeping smart people and smart businesses. By Susan H. Burnell T he competitive advantages Mark S. Peterson, president and chief Region. “Rochester is where smart of the nine-county Greater executive officer for Greater Roches- people live and smart businesses grow. Rochester, New York Region ter Enterprise (GRE), the region’s eco- It’s something we all believe in and are significant: 18 leading nomic development organization. see locally. For companies looking to educational institutions, proximity to “IDQ is not just about what we say,” set up operations in this region, all major markets, some of the nation’s Peterson explains. “It’s fact based, the talent they need to be successful lowest health-care costs and 7% of using third-party rankings. When we is right here.” the world’s supply of fresh water. By invite site selectors to compare our any measure, these weigh in on the IDQ with that of other regions of A Resilient Economy plus side for business success. Yet it the country, they experience an ‘aha’ Twenty-five years ago, Kodak, Xerox is in the measurement of a region’s moment. They can see that Rochester and Bausch & Lomb employed 60% capacity for innovation, creativity outperforms communities five times its of Rochester’s workforce. Today, and problem solving—a ranking size, including San Jose, Denver, Dur- these companies account for only leaders call the Intellectual Density ham and Oakland. So if you thought 6% of local employment. Despite this Quotient (IDQ)—that Rochester val- you knew Rochester, but haven’t reduction, there are now more people idates its smart-business strengths. looked at this community in a while, employed in the region than there “A lot of communities say, ‘We have it’s time to take a serious look.” were in the mid-1980s. an educated workforce. We have the “The IDQ measurement shows what The community’s ability to success- ability to innovate.’ But we prove it by makes us different,” says Dan Burns, fully weather economic challenges putting our facts out on the table,” says president of M&T Bank, Rochester was recognized by Forbes in 2009
  2. 2. Advertisement 2 David Klein President When you have more members & CEO when it ranked Greater Rochester sev- less per year delayed in traffic.” enth on its list of “Fastest-Recovering “You learn very quickly that this is to help, you can help them more. Excellus Cities in the U.S.” Instead of seeking not just a place to get a paycheck,” BlueCross employment elsewhere, Rochesterians says David Klein, president and chief As part of the National Blue Cross Blue Shield network, we have the power of millions BlueShield found jobs with local small and mid- executive officer of Excellus Blue- size companies or started their own Cross BlueShield, who moved to the of members to help us do more for you. That means greater discounts, and more access businesses; 97% of the companies area more than 20 years ago. “There’s for your employees to the doctors and the resources they need to manage their health. in the region now have fewer than a sense of community, spirit and 100 employees. energy that I haven’t seen in many Plus, our national network is coupled with local customer service. Are you ready to take In addition to the ready talent other places in the country. People base, these companies have access take ownership. They volunteer. They advantage of all we can do? to resources available through finan- give generously to United Way, the cial institutions, GRE, entrepreneur- arts and other causes. They defend To learn more, visit excellusbcbs.com or call your broker. Excellus BlueCross BlueShield has ship programs and a Small Business Rochester and they fight leaving it. Serving the greater Upstate NY region for over 70 years. proudly called Upstate New York its Development Center. We hear people say, ‘I’ll do almost home for more than seven decades. “It’s amazing how well Rochester anything to stay here, because my Our roots are here. Our employees has performed,” says Burns. “M&T family has never been happier.’” work and raise families here. Our Bank’s business in Roch- members are our neighbors. ester increased by 12% in 2009, thanks to solid That has fostered a collaborative growth in deposits, loans approach to health care in Rochester. and fee income. Our cli- The result is nationally recognized ents really know how to quality care that costs 25% less than manage through a diffi- national averages. cult economy.” M&T Bank, which As part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield entered the Rochester Association, we have the power of market 20 years ago, is among the nation’s top millions of members to assure greater 10 SBA lenders. The bank discounts and more access to the counts 55 of Rochester’s doctors and resources your employ- top 100 fastest-growing ees need to manage their health. companies as customers. Vineyards in the Finger Lakes region Excellus BCBS holds the excel- Short Commutes and “Much of the quality of life we lent accreditation from the National Engaged Citizens enjoy here started with the philan- Committee for Quality Assurance and Rochester’s size is a major advan- thropy of [Eastman Kodak founder] ranks in the top 25 plans in the coun- tage, says Burns: “We’re not too big, George Eastman,” says Wegmans try, according to the latest survey of but we’re big enough to matter— Food Markets Chief Executive Offi- best health plans by U.S. News and big enough to justify a good airport cer Danny Wegman. “Beyond being a World Report. and excellent hospitals. It’s easy to great place to work, it’s a community get around. People can be more pro- where people are always well taken As a nonprofit health plan, we are ductive because of short commute care of.” committed to improving the quality of times. You can get out to make five life in the communities we serve. customer calls in one day, which sim- Innovative Alliances ply isn’t possible in highly congested The region’s colleges and universities areas,” he notes. “People can work a are partnering with local businesses full day and still get home in time to and health-care institutions with an excellusbcbs.com go to their kids’ ball games.” eye on the future, adding programs Adds Peterson: “A 100-person com- to keep the local economy and resi- pany in Rochester saves $128,300 per dents healthy. Education and health year over the same-sized company in services now employ more than 20% Los Angeles, because the Rochester of the region’s workers, and both sec- employees are spending 6,000 hours tors are seeing significant growth. Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, serving the Rochester, and greater Upstate NY region. A nonprofit independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
  3. 3. Advertisement 5 Rochester General Health System health and strengthening the educa- A Model of Health-Care (RGHS) and the Rochester Institute tional offerings of the university.” Excellence of Technology (RIT) are in the early Among the results of the alliance to “Employers who come to Rochester stages of an alliance that will allow the date are joint vaccine research and a will find that we have a very effec- development of new health-science physician-assistant residency-training tive health-care system,” says Danny education and research programs. program in surgery. A unique new Wegman. “Wegmans operates in five The alliance matches Rochester Gen- course brings students into Rochester states, and Rochester has the lowest eral Hospital physicians with RIT General operating rooms to observe health-care cost of any of our locations.” faculty in areas related to biomedical and practice biomedical photography “Rochester was singled out as a research, telemedicine and robotics. techniques. model of excellence in the health- It has already received funding from Earlier this year, RGHS was recog- care debate back in the 1990s, and it the National Institutes of Health. nized as one of the “Top 100 Integrated remains a model of successful health- “The alliance is an innovative way Health Systems” in the U.S. for the care delivery today,” says Excellus of bringing together the core com- fourth straight year. Rochester General BlueCross BlueShield’s Klein. petencies of a nationally recognized Hospital is the fourth-largest cardiac The region has achieved some of tertiary-care health system and a center in New York State and has been the lowest health-care costs of any nationally recognized engineering and recognized among the nation’s “100 Top region in the nation while providing technology university,” says RGHS Cardiovascular Hospitals” nine times by high-quality, accessible care, Klein President and Chief Executive Officer Thomson Reuters. A national leader in adds. “We are successfully integrat- Mark Clement. “It will create new- minimally invasive robotic surgery, the ing our delivery systems, making use found opportunities for research and hospital is among the top 4% in robotic of electronic medical records, provid- education. The combined efforts will surgery volume, having completed its ing decision support and minimizing serve the community by improving 3,000th procedure in March. duplication of services. For companies You have worked hard, created your success and provided for your family and community. But where does community end? Time and again, our great nation has shown that our sense of community extends beyond the town square. You can extend your reach and legacy with the stroke of a pen. How? By helping Rochester General Hospital, a national leader in clinical excellence, expand its facilities to meet a community’s growing needs. With a transformational gift of $10,000,000 you can make this vitally important community resource a With the stroke of a pen you can help save countless lives. reality. Named in your honor, this building will live as a testament to your belief that community has no boundaries. With the stroke of a pen you can watch a dream come true. Remember, you may not live near us, but you live with us. With the stroke of a pen you can bring the Rochester General Hospital Family Care Pavilion to life. To learn how we are transforming a community, please call Rochester General Foundation at 585-922-4800. It’ll make you feel like a million bucks. 1299 Portland Avenue, Rochester, NY 14621
  4. 4. Advertisement 6 Advertisement 7 distinguished by the amount of funding “iVedix is a Rochester company because iVedix is adept at bringing together Rochester is located in the heart of the Upstate we receive from the National Institutes a wealth of knowledge exists here,” says data and process from multiple sources. New York super-region, close to major markets of Health, and we bring a significant Kutty. “Much of what the world knows Its technology expertise helps clients amount of biomedical research exper- about imaging, for example, comes from connect silos of information that exist without the major-market expense. It is the tise to the Upstate New York region. We the work done at Eastman Kodak. Fur- within their organizations in real time. only city that is home to the best small, medium rank among the top 10 medical centers thermore, iVedix’s elite technical team As a result, clients are able to see their in revenue generated from intellectual has a large representation of graduates data visualized and intuitively orga- and large companies to work for in America. property over the past eight years.” from area universities.” nized and are empowered to respond URMC has long-standing R&D pro- looking to do business here, that is a grams in partnership with Kodak and real differentiator. In fact, if the rest of Bausch & Lomb in the areas of optics the country’s health-care systems per- Distance in miles and health-care imaging. “There is a formed at Rochester’s level, reform leg- strong correlation between well-funded islation might not have been needed.” being on the leading edge, because of Medical Research With research and economic development,” Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, the culture of collaboration and inno- Far-Reaching Impact says Robinson. “In addition to new headquartered in Rochester, is the vation that has existed in the commu- The University of Rochester Medical developments for existing companies, IFMQJOHNBLF3PDIFTUFSBHSFBUQMBDFUP region’s largest third-party payer. Part nity for many years. “One example is Center (URMC) factors into the IDQ we’re seeing four or five start-up com- of a $5 billion family of companies the response to a shortage of neuro- equation as a major employer and panies launch per year as a result of work, live and play serving Upstate New York, the non- surgeons in the Rochester area 10 research facility. The medical center research projects at the medical center.” profit also provides long-term-care years ago,” he says. “We were able to comprises 80% of the university’s full- One of those companies is iCardiac 8FHNBOTIBTCFFOPO insurance nationwide. provide a $4 million grant, which pro- time employees and $2 billion budget, Technologies, which is commercializ- work UIF#FTU1MBDFTUP8PSLJONFSJDB As the newest health-care reforms vided incentives for neurosurgeons who says Peter Robinson, URMC vice presi- ing technology developed by URMC’s MJTUZFBSTSVOOJOH°JO take effect, Klein views Rochester as trained here to stay and practice here.” dent and chief operating officer. “We are cardiovascular research program. The .JMMJPOTPGEPMMBSTJOTDIPMBSTIJQ technology will allow pharmaceuti- NPOFZ HFOFSPVTCFOF¾UTQBDLBHFT cal companies to learn more quickly BOEBGBNJMZGSJFOEMZFOWJSPONFOU whether an experimental drug may LFFQ8FHNBOTFNQMPZFFTIBQQZ cause heart problems. In addition to the research it pro- duces and the students who graduate from its medical and nursing schools, live *UμTFBTZUPHFUBHSFBU the University of Rochester contrib- NFBMJO3PDIFTUFS UIBOLT JOQBSU utes to the region’s intellectual excel- UP8FHNBOTMXBZTBMFBEFSJO lence through its School of Arts and JOOPWBUJPO 8FHNBOTIBTJUTPXO Sciences, Hajim School of Engineering SFTUBVSBOU /FYU%PPS#BS(SJMM and Applied Sciences, Eastman School BOEJUTPXO VOJRVF0SHBOJD of Music, Simon School of Business, 3FTFBSDI'BSN0VS.BSLFU$BGn Warner School of Education, and Lab- PGGFSTBXJEFWBSJFUZPGGSFTIMZ oratory for Laser Energetics. QSFQBSFEGPPETUIBUGBNJMJFTMPWF Attracting Growth Industries play 3PDIFTUFSJT Professor of Mathematics Dr. Sanford Miller and Courtney VanDeWeert ’10. The top asset for any business seek- BMTPGBNFEGPSCFJOHUIF ing to expand or grow is a constant IPNFPGUIF-1(°UIJTZFBS THE COLLEGE AT BROCKPORT PREPARES TOMORROW’S LEADERS. supply of highly educated, innova- 8FHNBOTQSPVEMZTQPOTPST tive workers. While many employees 3PDIFTUFSμT¾STU.BKPS-1( One of the country’s first Computational Science programs • The area’s only master’s and business leaders enter the work- $IBNQJPOTIJQ XJUI degree in Public Administration • Groundbreaking Environmental Science and Biology force directly from the area’s educa- QSPDFFETCFOF¾UJOH6OJUFE research • One of the largest undergraduate Math programs in the country • AACSB- tional institutions, others have gained 8BZμT(SBEVBUJPOJTUIF accredited program in Business Administration and Economics invaluable knowledge by working for (PBM°BOBUJPOBMQSPHSBN Through wide-ranging conversations and close collaborations with faculty, The College at some of its industry giants. UIBUIFMQTBUSJTLZPVUI Brockport students gain confidence and become active, innovative scholars and citizens. Such is the case with business intelli- TFDVSFCFUUFSGVUVSFTUISPVHI gence company iVedix. Its chief execu- FEVDBUJPOBOEXPSL Brockport is consistently recognized in national college rankings for quality and value. tive officer, Raj Kutty, was formerly Students, faculty, and staff at Brockport not only engage the world, we engage life. a member of an award-winning devel- -FBSONPSFBUXFHNBOTDPN opment team at Eastman Kodak.
  5. 5. Advertisement 8 Advertisement 9 faster when conditions shift, as well of Rochester-area colleges and univer- A Great Place to +0:*6=,9 as predict and prepare for anticipated sities. The College at Brockport, State Work, Learn and Play changes. iVedix solutions span func- University of New York (SUNY), has Among Simon’s success- AN MBA tional areas ranging from finance to more than 30,000 alumni living in ful graduates is Colleen ;/, human resources, energy and education. Greater Rochester, approximately Wegman, daughter of Weg- RIGOROUS ENOUGH iVedix is currently working on a 800 of whom are employed by area mans Food Markets Chief sophisticated process-driven solution schools. The college works with these Executive Officer Danny TO CHANGE YOU. that will combine retail stores’ inven- local schools, including the Rochester Wegman. Colleen serves as 693+ tory and supply-chain data with real- City School District, on programs to Wegmans’ president, while 0;/05 time weather predictions. “Storms help high school students plan and her sister Nicole, a gradu- will no longer prevent stores from prepare for college. Erie Canal in autumn ate of RIT, is a company There are many MBA programs being adequately stocked; proac- The College at Brockport offers vice president. Wegmans, that are easier. Which is precisely tive updates to customers via mobile 49 undergraduate programs and 41 “The speed and scope of our devel- recipient of 13 “Best Places to Work” why you should look into ours. devices and social media outlets will graduate programs, including 23 opment may surprise the business com- rankings, was founded in Roches- be the norm,” says Kutty. He expects areas of teacher certification. The munity,” says the school’s president, ter in 1916. this kind of collaborative, integrated college’s focus on student success Donald E. Bain, Ph.D. “We constantly “Rochester’s schools and universi- Simon is consistently ranked among and actionable business intelligence is apparent. “Our first-year reten- seek opportunities that are mission consis- ties offer a wonderful group of talent the nation’s top MBA programs. to be in high demand for government, tion rate of 86% is outstanding and tent and market responsive. The fact that to draw upon at all levels,” says Danny media, health care and finance. approaches that of high-caliber pri- we have only the fifth School of Pharmacy Wegman. “People are very happy to vate institutions,” says the school’s in the entire state is noteworthy.” work, and even when young people College Programs Respond to president, John R. Halstead, Ph.D. St. John Fisher College offers 31 move away from the area, they tend Market Needs To further support the local business undergraduate majors, 10 preprofes- to come back here when they decide Major partnerships with local compa- community, The College at Brockport sional programs, 11 master’s programs to get married and raise a family. www.sjfc.edu nies and school districts are woven into Small Business Development Center and three doctoral programs. “For a From a business standpoint, would www.simon.rochester.edu the curriculum and outreach activities provides free business consulting ser- school our size, we have an enormous we ever consider moving anywhere vices at its downtown MetroCenter. breadth of offerings for our students,” The MetroCenter also offers more says Bain, “such as our accounting than 100 graduate and undergraduate program, nursing DNP, education hi]ZeZg[dgbVcXZd[ndjgWVc` courses each semester. Many classes Ed.D., the increased internationaliza- are held at night and on weekends to tion of our curriculum and overseas V[[ZXi^ci]ZeZg[dgbVcXZ accommodate working adults. The experience, online education, and center is part of Rochester’s $820 mil- partnerships with the Rochester City lion downtown revitalization effort. School District.” d[ndjgXdbeVcn4 The College at Brockport, which Mark Zupan, dean of the Simon will celebrate its 175th anniversary Graduate School of Business at the Uni- during the 2010–11 academic year, versity of Rochester, calls the region’s offers the Rochester area’s only mas- universities “intellectual Ellis Islands” ter’s degree in Public Administration. for their ability to attract talent from One of its newest programs is a Mas- around the globe. Consistently ranked DC:D;I=:C6IDC½H ter of Science in Forensic Accounting, as a world leader among graduate busi- HIGDC:HI76C@H which prepares graduates to meet the ness schools, Simon plays a key role to give a little boy hope? Jared Wright has muscular dystrophy. C6IDC6A6L6G9HD; growing need for accounting oversight in educating entrepreneurs. “Entrepre- So his parents brought him to the University of Rochester Medical Center, one :M8:AA:C8:;GDB in the corporate world. neurship is the dream of many of our of the top MD research centers in the world. Our cutting-edge research on this G::CL8=6HHD86I:H Responding to a projected shortfall M.B.A. candidates,” says Zupan. “The of qualified pharmacists in central and general management training of our and other diseases is leading the way to finding cures. For Jared. And for millions IDE%H76A:C9:G C6IDC6AAN western New York, St. John Fisher Col- M.B.A. program prepares them with of others. It takes a special kind of medicine to give a little boy—and the lege enlisted the support of Rochester- knowledge of accounting, finance, mar- Add`[dglVgYl^i]BI# based Wegmans Food Markets. In keting, operations and how to hone a whole world—hope. Medicine of the Highest Order. See what our strength, experience and 2005, the regional supermarket chain business plan.” resources can do for your company. donated $5 million toward the creation Simon faculty also participate with To learn more, visit mtb.com today. of the Wegmans School of Pharmacy at GRE to promote entrepreneurial ven- St. John Fisher College. The school will tures in Rochester, and many of its fac- graduate its first Doctor of Pharmacy ulty and graduates serve on area corpo- *Based on 2009 Greenwich Associates Middle Market and Small Business Banking Survey. to statistics released the students in early May 2010. rate and nonprofit boards. www.URMC.com program ending 9/30/2009. ©2010 MT Bank. Member FDIC. **Accordingduring the federal fiscalbyyear U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) for total approved loans through the SBA’s 7(a) lending
  6. 6. i % i d t 7 [ bwr c e Advertisement 10 Advertisement 11 n g n 2 k a i e eo3 n u t x f v s 4 - l me else? No. We are in the right place for substantial part of the growth strat- Proactive Stance for Smart o t e * g i omp amn what we do.” egy for Rochester-based O’Connell Business Growth Compare Rochester’s IDQ for Yourself Wegmans Food Markets will be Electric. Founded in 1911, O’Connell Telecommunications products and v e r a a s l r r t u g the presenting sponsor for the 2010 Greater Rochester Enterprise invites company executives and has been on the Rochester Business services company Callfinity moved its a c a o n u uoo i n a LPGA Championship at Locust Hill Journal’s “Top 100 Companies” list headquarters to Rochester from Bos- site selectors to compare Rochester with other major metro Country Club outside Rochester. 13 times, and is ranked among the top ton several years ago. “In Rochester, areas in the U.S. by visiting rochesterbiz.com/idq. t h c p a a t ? c o i g Golf is just one of the many activi- 50 largest electrical contractors in the we discovered we didn’t have to com- ties local business executives and U.S. The company will find a ready pete with 30 other companies for the i n t e l l i g e n c e their families enjoy. “Oak Hill is the supply of materials, as the region now same talent base,” says Chief Execu- oo i y only club in America to have hosted has more than 100 manufacturers tive Officer Jeff Valentine. “And more r i oe s s a r all six major golf events,” notes with the technical capability to manu- than any other area, Rochester was n l o a t z no s h t u Excellus’s Klein. “We have the Roch- facture wind turbine components. willing to work with us.” ester Yacht Club for sailing enthu- Kraft, Constellation Brands, Cad- Valentine says his company found z on t i a ` s 8 i i siasts. Watkins Glen International bury Schweppes and Seneca Foods GRE proactive and willing to bring 4 g b i c t v popo Speedway, on the NASCAR circuit, is less than 90 minutes away. The are among the 100-plus food and beverage manufacturers with a pres- resources to the table. “They told us about economic incentives for job Smarten up. p y 1 o s i / a p s n Finger Lake wineries are turning out ence in the region. LiDestri Foods— creation in certain parts of the state. white varietals and Rieslings as good manufacturer of sauces, dips, salsas They helped us with utilities and tax Add our to your business plan. ew i n 9 o t 6 ) ! as you’ll find in Germany or Austria. and spirits, including Newman’s breaks. Every dollar we save goes We have neighborhood and jazz fes- Own Sauce and Salsa and Frito-Lay’s back into hiring more people, and The Greater Rochester, NY Region % j s n i k g Intellectual Density Quotient has an idQ that is higher than any tivals, the Garth Fagan Dance Com- Tostitos line—is expanding its opera- we’ve been able to grow from three other region in the country: (idQ) is a measurement derived n v n a 0 pany, and the Rochester Philhar- tions and workforce in Rochester. The to 35 people. GRE provides a terrific through a comparison of a region’s monic.” The truly four-season region company now owns a manufacturing value to the community. We wouldn’t population to its rankings in a ÝÛN]Ûgmlh]j^gjeÛo]dd¦cfgofÛ`a_`Ûl][`Ûj]_agfkÛ core list of recognized standards around the country that are up to 5 times our size m o l also offers a variety of winter sports, facility formerly occupied by Eastman have been able to grow as we have of success: ÝÛN]Ûhjgm[]Ûegj]ÛhYl]flkÛh]jÛogjc]jÛ¨„„©Û including skiing. Kodak. LiDestri’s Rochester location without their assistance.” – Percent of population than regions such as San Jose, CA and Austin, TX. allows the company to reach 75 mil- enrolled in college ÝÛ8Û_j]Yl]jÛh]j[]flY_]Ûg^ÛgmjÛhghmdYlagfÛakÛ Strategic Location for Diverse lion people within a day’s drive. – Number of patents issued Û [dYkka^a]ÛYkÛcfgod]_]Ûogjc^gj[]Û¨‚€É©Û WEB DIRECTORY than Raleigh, NC or San Diego, CA. Industries Other companies with Rochester per worker ÝÛIa_`lÛfgoۂÉÛg^ÛgmjÛhghmdYlagfÛakÛ]fjgdd]Û Rounding out the diverse industry roots are aerial photography innova- – Number of workers trained Û afÛ[gdd]_]Û¦Ûl`akÛakÛYÛ`a_`]jÛh]j[]flY_]Ûl`YfÛ The College at Brockport to excel in our knowledge- Boston or San Francisco. strengths of Greater Rochester are com- tor Pictometry, which plans to add based economy State University of New York ÝÛ8f”o]ÛYj]Ûl`]ÛgfdqÛ[geemfalqÛafÛl`]Û panies engaged in green technology, 100 jobs in the next two years; and brockport.edu country to be home to the best small, medium food and beverage manufacturing, and Syntec Optics, the largest independent Û YfÛdYj_]Û[gehYfqÛlgÛogjcÛ^gjÛafÛ8e]ja[Y cutting-edge optics and imaging firms. custom manufacturer of precision- Excellus BlueCross BlueShield Wind and solar technologies are a plastic optics in the U.S. excellusbcbs.com Go ahead—match us up against other regions around the country. Greater Rochester Enterprise You’ll see that we have the idQ you’re looking for. And you’ll see Collaborate and Deliver rochesterbiz.com why the Greater Rochester, NY Region is where smart people Customer | Business | Community A Brookings Institution analysis released in June 2009 live and smart businesses grow. iVedix pointed to Rochester as one of the “20 Strongest ivedix.com Metros in the U.S.” on the strength of its employment MT Bank and housing prices. mtb.com Rochester General Foundation rochestergeneral.org St. John Fisher College sjfc.edu www.ivedix.com University of Rochester 1.877.ivedix1 Medical Center urmc.com 1.877.483.3491 University of Rochester Greater Rochester, NY Region N`]j] smart people live and smart businesses grow. Simon School of Business simon.rochester.edu Visit RochesterBiz.com/idQ Wegmans or call 877.805.1770 today. wegmans.com