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Claudia Bradby Jewellery Available From


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<a>Claudia Bradby</a> is a jewellery designer with a very clear vision of what her beautiful jewellery collections set out to accomplish. She sees jewellery as an essential part of feminine self expression and something to be collected, retained and adored.

Claudia Bradby refers to this idea as the 'jewellery wardrobe' and elevates jewellery to a more substantial standing than numerous may have offered it credit for. The Claudia Bradby selection of designs is as diverse and adaptable as 21st century living needs.

The pieces are extremely versatile and interchangeable. A sense of fun inherent in the designs encourages you to increase wrap a long pendant around your wrist to make a bracelet. Unique, natural designs from fresh water pearls and genuine gemstones, make the jewellery seem individual and incredibly unique.

Hand made, Claudia Bradby's jewellery is a pleasure to touch, feel and use. Elaborate information and charming completing make each piece feel considerably trendy.

Claudia Bradby accomplishes a look that is contemporary with delicate, minimalistic designs in sterling silver. It's also rather natural, thanks to the personal pearls that all have a discreetly different design or the gemstones that hang as charms or are set into earrings.

On top of all this, the whole assortment is imbued with a superb assortment of color schemes. Turquoise figures strikingly in necklaces and earrings - a phenomenally effective color scheme throughout the summer time of 2010 and still continuing into autumn/winter 2011. Stunning and unexpected shades of pearls from off white to pink to darker shades, link the traditional picture of what pearls should be and provide them an unexpected twist that makes them incredibly a great deal of the moment, elegant and modern.

Though the Claudia Bradby selection of jewellery will certainly entice numerous admiring appearances, the most special thing about these wonderful products is that they will make you feel positively excellent, too.

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Claudia Bradby Jewellery Available From

  1. 1. Claudia Bradby JewelleryGorgeous, British and bursting with uniqueness - Each and every piece has actually been created to assist you to develop a wardrobe of contemporary, covetable jewellery to boost your every outfit.Handmade from silver, gold and as well as charming pearls, the modern designs are adored and loved by customers, collectors, stars and royalty throughout the world.Claudia Bradby is now available from!
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  3. 3. About Claudia Bradby Leading British Jewellery Designer Began designing jewellery in 1999 Designs feature gold, silver and pearls Spent time designing jewellery with HRH Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) Visit
  4. 4. About Claudia Bradby "Jewellery is very personal, and often holds great emotional meaning and value. For me, it should always tell a story. Perhaps it reminds you of the person that gave it to you, an adventure or a special occasion. I strive to create something special in even the most simple pieces, and to create inspirational collections that make it easy and fun to build a contemporary, affordable and high quality jewellery collection." Claudia Bradby Visit
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