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Portfolio Claudia Silveira Oliveira 08


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Portfolio Claudia Silveira Oliveira 08

  1. 1. Selection of work made between 2002 and 2008
  2. 2. Fillia 2008 Fillia is a memory carrier. It is worn wrapped around a finger and it can, when whished, totally disappear inside the hand. Fillia is meant to keep intimate emotions and remembrances close while being in public. The bigger pouch carries a fragrance, a scented cotton ball for example, and in the other pouch there is space for a small object, a small photo, whatever one needs to keep close.
  3. 3. Textile, silk thread, sapphires
  4. 4. My_Suspended_World 2007/8 The materials used in this series are mainly polystyrene spheres and glass beads. These are in themselves quite insignificant, tiny elements. But through repetition these elements become in the whole, a strong new piece. They become a jewelry piece.
  5. 5. Packaging foam, rainbow moonstones, velvet, glass beads, medals coated with epoxy
  6. 6. Polystyrene spheres, glass beads, thread
  7. 7. Glass beads, textile, silicone
  8. 8. Polystyrene spheres, self made textile, under bra fastener
  9. 9. Chain_Wear 2006 Chain Wear is a series of necklaces originally inspired on the hems of different clothes. They are formed by semiprecious stones connected to each other by knots. All together these small pieces form one piece of jewelry that adapts itself to the body. Chain Wear is worn almost like a piece of clothing and its connection to the body is much stronger than it is that of a traditional necklace.
  10. 10. Olivines, silk thread, silver
  11. 11. Labradorites, silk thread, silver
  12. 12. Apatites, silk thread, silver
  13. 13. Oorhangers 2005 Oorhangers were born of my will to wear earrings. I did not want to pierce my ears and I wanted to wear earrings that would call attention to the whole ear and not only to its lower part.
  14. 14. Glass bead, epoxy, silver
  15. 15. Glass beads, epoxy, silver
  16. 16. Epoxy, glass beads, silver
  17. 17. Rok 2004 Made with textile, packaging material and the plastic parts that hold a six-pack together.
  18. 18. Hand_Lingerie 2003 This series is made with under-bra fasteners, garter fasteners, lace, elastic and others. The traditional ring and bracelet are here merged into an ornament that involves the whole hand in the same subtle way that lingerie adorned the whole body for centuries, hidden by our clothes.
  19. 19. 6
  20. 20. De_Blikvanger 2002 The shape of the Blikvanger is entirely defined by the plastic piece that holds a six-pack together. Blikvanger is a small purse and an accessory.
  21. 21. Claudia Silveira Oliveira 2008