CM Consulenze Manageriali Brochure English


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Have a quick look on Innovation and Lean Development ingredients for success!

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CM Consulenze Manageriali Brochure English

  1. 1. t g es the t ron nor t th e s ives tha r ily surv one ssa that t the ge! ce Th n t ne cies t, bu cha no spe igen to et It’s the tell nse as of st in espo ww mo tter r arwin te w. be les D C of on ar Ch su do len ing ze Ma bu na ge sin ri ali es .co m s Ing. Claudia Miani Consulenze Manageriali +39 393 4535502 Via Gramsci, 200 - 40010 Sala Bolognese (BO) Reach me on
  2. 2. Energize your business The right ingredients for success Claudia Miani, Business Senior Advisor. Company and Innovation Check-up Professional with extensive experience in modern To identify the potential for innovation and reposition your business organizations with different sizes and product to get a better profit margin. nationalities, expert in “change management” Innovazione & Lean Development projects in the industrial, packaging and medical Strategic Roadmap and Technology applications. To define the full range of innovative solutions to keep your Management skills, great energy, demonstrated competitive advantage. Technology Intelligence and Value ability to pursue the assigned objectives with Engineering to compete with your competitors’ strategies. persistence and vision. Patent Search as a starting point for feasibility evaluation of Leader capable of engaging with enthusiasm the new solutions for your business. key resources to the required change processes. New Product Development with Lean methods From marketing to the final technical specifications, product structure and product portfolio definition, using all the required tools such as Design-To-Cost, QFD, FMEA and Working in a team with passion DFMA. To develop new ideas and improve already in the design phase the “lean” production process with no-waste. Creating and managing a business requires a clever Turn-key Outsourcing projects. blend of knowledge and personal insight: creativity, skills, vision, determination and a good dose of Technical Mentoring, Training & resources management passion. To grow your technical departments, to develop within Each company has its mix, each entrepreneur its own your team all the required innovation skills, supporting the ingredients. company with fully shared methodologies and results. It’s like the recipe for a delicious dish: the capable chef can give it its unique taste and turn it into a masterpiece, starting from the ingredients at his disposal. He knows how to balance wisely his spices to reach the right flavour and taste. Let me be your chef and let me guide you through Through a professionals’ network can also provide support on: savouring the taste of doing business. Let’s prepare • Funding for innovation together the winning recipe for your company! • Technology transfer Discover that working with passion you never grow old. • Design and prototyping, with configuration for new products platforms And your profitability will draw great benefit! • Laboratory tests Competence · Experience · Creativity