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the recipe to make true and profitable Innovation!

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CM Brochure English

  1. 1. It’s not necessarily the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent, but the one that better response to change! Charles Darwin Reach me on It’ll be soon available the web site: For more information contact me: Ing. Claudia Miani Consulenze Manageriali via Gramsci, 200 – 40010 Sala Bolognese (BO) cell. +39 393 4535502 email:
  2. 2. To create and manage a business is a clever blend of knowledge and personal insight: creativity, Company & Innovation Check-up passion, skill, determination and a good dose of To identify the potential for innovation in your business and to luck. reposition your product offerings with a better profit margin Once you reach the goal it is difficult to explain the secret formula. You can try, playing on the culinary Intelligence Technology & Patent Search metaphor and enjoying the secrets of a good dish. To provide you the information about your competitors’ strategy, to Here my personal recipe for success: let me search and analyze patents and assess the feasibility of new original become your chef and savor together with me the solutions for your business, to define your strategic roadmap, with all the innovative solutions you need. taste of doing business. We will build and prepare the recipe for your own company and business! You could realize that working with passion you New Product Lean Development never grow old, just like “enjoying at table”. And From Marketing Specifications up to portfolio and product structure, corporate profitability draws great benefit as well! with all the related specific tools (such as "Design To Cost“, QFD, FMEA, DFMA), to develop new ideas and optimize in the design stage a waste-free lean manufacturing. Outsourcing turn-keys projects. Management &Technical Mentoring To grow your technical departments, to develop skills for innovation Management and Technical in your own team, supporting your company with fully shared Senior Executive Advisor. methodologies and results Professional with extensive experience in national and international organizations, in "Change Through my professional network you can get my support on: Management" projects in the industrial, Funding for Innovation packaging and medical applications. Technological transfer Management skills, great energy, demonstrated Design and Prototype, with configuration of new product ability to achieve the assigned objectives with platforms persistence. Vision and strategy, leader capable of Testing Lab engaging with enthusiasm the key resources to the required change processes.