Curso Internacional UNAMBA: Multi-media tools for learning Eng.


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Curso Internacional UNAMBA: Multi-media tools for learning Eng.

  1. 1. Multi-media Tools for LearningEnglishUNIVERSIDAD NACIOINAL MICAELA BASTIDAS DE APURIMAC“Curso Internacional sobre Estrategias de Enseñanza y Aprendizaje del Idioma Ingles.”July 21 & 22, 2013Claudia Behnke
  2. 2. VOKI• Create speaking, animated avatars forspeaking and listening activities.• Students love these!• FREE!•
  3. 3. VOKI EXAMPLE• Examples of Voki activities• Listening comprehension activity using Voki (listening in aninteraction with the teacher)• Students listen to a recording on Vocaroo ( giving abrief description of a famous figure in Latin America including aphysical description.• Students then create their own Voki that resembles the physicaldescription. After brief research, the student then records a shortmessage speaking as if they were the famous person.QuickTime™ and adecompressorare needed to see this picture.
  4. 4. VOKI EXAMPLE• Jigsaw activity: Thanksgiving DayQuickTime™ and adecompressorare needed to see this picture.QuickTime™ and adecompressorare needed to see this picture.QuickTime™ and adecompressorare needed to see this picture.
  5. 5. FOTOBABBLE• Upload a photo and record audio for up to 1minute.• Students can upload a photo and describe thephoto, narrate a story, etc.• Teachers can send students the photo with anaudio message giving instructions for anactivity.• Free!•
  6. 6. FOTOBABBLE EXAMPLE• Students select an image of an animalfrom the internet.• Students record themselves speakingfor 1 minute as if they were they animallooking for the ideal owner.•
  7. 7. FOTOBABBLE EXAMPLE• Students upload a photo and recordaudio to describe the photo.• What are going to wear for the NewYear’s party?•
  8. 8. BLOGS• Students create blogs and publishcontent.• Teachers create blogs to share contentand activities.• Students follow other blogs in English.• FREE!• http:/
  9. 9. GLOGSTER• Students create multi-media posters.• FREE!• Possible applications:• Book Review• “All about me”• Cultural presentation••
  10. 10. WEEBLY• Create your own website!• Publish activities and resources for students.• Publish student work.• Create community by announcing differentactivities to practice English outside of class!• FREE!•
  11. 11. OTHER TOOLS:• Vocaroo - record audio clips to practice speaking and listening(FREE!).•• Youtube - Use for listening activities or students can create andupload videos (FREE!).• or teacher tube• Screencast - Record a video from your computer desktop with audio(FREE!).•
  12. 12. FACEBOOK• Students participate in an online learningcommunity.• They share projects and comment otherstudents work.• The teacher maintains communication withstudents and students maintaincommunication with other students.• FREE!• Facebook demonstration on Saturday!
  13. 13. QUESTIONS?• Find this presentation at:• Contact me:•