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Customer activated enterprise infographic


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Reinventing the rules of engagement
In the first installment of IBM Global C-suite Study, we spoke in person with 4,183 top
executives covering more than 20 industries to find out how CxOs are earning the loyalty of
digitally enfranchised customers and citizens. In this report, we delve more deeply into the
perspectives of the 884 CEOs we interviewed.
Every two years since 2004, we have met with CEOs and public sector leaders around the
world to understand their points of view on issues ranging from globalization to talent. For
many years, CEOs consistently identified market forces as the biggest driver of change. Then
in 2012, CEOs for the first time placed technology at the top of the list of issues they believed
would exert the strongest influence on their organizations and strategy.
This year, CEOs again ranked technology first. Believing the impact of emerging technologies
on their organizations will be profound, CEOs anticipate three areas for action:
• Embrace disruption
• Build shared value
• Dare to be open

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Customer activated enterprise infographic

  1. 1. 70 6 more 40% 4040 54 ©2013 IBM Corporation www.ibm.com/csuitestudy Our latest study aims to identify drivers of outperformance Open up to customer influence Pulling together: Collaboration will intensify with customers, partners and employees Pioneer digital-physical innovation Craft engaging customer experiences C-suite Today Customers Boardof Directors Corporate strategyfunction Non-executive seniorleadership Keyexternal businesspartners Parent company interviews in countries 4,183 roles CEO, CFO, CHRO, CIO, CMO, CSCO Our interviewees come from more than 20 industries in 5 major sectors Technology rises to the top of the CEO agenda How the C-suite is preparing for the future: Customers are second only to the C-suite in the level of influence they wield in the organization 53% 44% 26% 25% 23% Underperformers Outperformers 78% 22% 13%13% 55% Central & South America 637 interviews Japan 631 interviews North America 605 interviews Western Europe 1,349 interviews Asia-Pacific 475 interviews Central & Eastern Europe 304 interviews Middle East & Africa 182 interviews 29% 23% 60% 43% Pioneer digital-physical innovation Open up to customer influence Looking to the future CMOs want to put the components of a strong digital strategy in place Advanced analytics to capture customer insights Customer collaboration using social networks Network workforce with correct skills for alignment to opportunities Digitally enabled supply chain across enterprise Today 3-5 years Today 3-5 years Customer touchpoints across all physical/digital channels Two-thirds of organizations have a weak digital strategy - or none at all Integrated digital-physical strategy Limited digital strategy No digital strategy 31% 33% 36% 36% 3-5 years Customers 46% 90% Partners/Suppliers 47% 89% Employees 50% 91% CEOs expect customer influence to grow most in business strategy development More outperfomers intensively collaborate with customers Today 3-5 years Today 3-5 years Today 3-5 years Face to face Call centers Traditional media CxOs plan to use digital channels extensively in the future to engage with customers Organizations that have a united C-suite are more likely to be outperformers Craft engaging customer experiences Most CxOs recognize that they don't understand their customers well today 35% 76% Today 3-5 years 52% 88% 80% 70% 57% 48% 45% 24% Digital more 39% 60% CIOs are planning to focus on digitizing the front office To a large extent Somewhat To a limited extent 83% 83% 12% 5% 69% more3-5 years Today Insights from IBM’s Global C-suite Study IBM Institute for Business Value The Customer-activated Enterprise To drive performance CxOs form an intricate web of relationships 28more 72% 92% Outperformers Underperformers Communications Distribution Financial Services Industrial Public Market factors People 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2013 Technology factors Macro-economic factors 69% 11% 73% 13% 78% 20% 83% 13% 87% 16% will focus on front office digitzation