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Starting A Home Based Business Is Not Scary, Why?


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The Keys To Wealth Is Owning Your Own Business!

So why is it most people don't start a business to make extra income? This is the million dollar question!

People are aware that a business is what can make profits. Yet they are scared to start one. Its the way we are brought up that makes the world of difference here.

We are brought up thinking that being in business is a very risky thing to do. Income is not regular and you may lose everything you have. Business and failure seem more closely knit together than business and success in ordinary working people's minds. People are more relaxed to get a job and find security than find a business and independence. They rather someone else takes the risk.

I do realize that having a job is just fine. But making Profits is super fine from a business- Jim Rohn says in his audio "Building Your Network Marketing Business".

If you were to get a copy of Darren Hardy's CD "MAKING THE SHIFT" he explains the various reasons why people shy away from starting a home based business. They feel that probably their skill sets lack quality, Maybe its their perception of themselves that stops them doing it, Maybe they feel the lack of time could be an issue. There are many "maybes" why people don't start in network marketing businesses says Mr Hardy.

The interesting thing is that these thoughts are only natural. Everyone feels these very same thoughts when they get started for the first time. In fact even the most successful people such as Antony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Oprah and many others had the very same feelings you have right now. Feelings of being scared!

So please don't be scared.

Its only natural that due to your old exposure to previous circumstances your mind can only give you advice based on information stored into it previously. Its like a massive computer. Bargage in Bargage out!

So if you do want good information we need to feed that mind of yours good information. Right now is the time to do just that.

So while you are busy relearning new things right now you still may be exposed to your mind trying to stop you from getting ahead.

Its only normal for it to do so. Its trying to protect you from what you have been exposed to in the past and from that data you stored in its vaults of information. That data needs to be replaced soon. So its only normal for it to say that this may not be right for you. It will back its finding with all sorts of proof.

For the moment tell your mind that its infomation is not right and that you have found better and more accurate information based on recent studies taht you have done. This is based on facts and stories you have read, heard and watched about how others have been successful at what you want to be a part of right now.

Looking forward to being a help to you with your learning process while you get started in your network marketing business.

Claude Fullinfaw

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Starting A Home Based Business Is Not Scary, Why?

  1. 1. The Keys To Wealth Is Owning Your Own Business So Why Do People Not Want To Get Started In Their Own Business?
  2. 2. Reasons Why People Feel Owning Their Business Is Not Possible  I don’t have the skills,  Do I make the right decision if I did join,  I am not sure if I can do this,  I don’t have the time,  This may have worked out for other people but I am not sure it will be for me,  I am not like others.
  3. 3. These Thoughts Are Only Natural Did you know that everyone feels those very same things when getting started!
  4. 4. Two Little Known Secrets… Here are two little known secrets about all successful people.  They were all once a newbies just like you getting started.  Secondly they all felt nervous when they first started. Examples include Sir Richard Branson, Donald J Trump, Dr Oz, Antony Robbins and many others felt exactly the same. So you are in good company.
  5. 5. Sometimes Your Mind Is Not Your Best Friend! When you start to feel thoughts of you cant do it, or you don't have time , or its only works for other people it's just that your mind has started to play all kinds of tricks with you. Its the mind's way to start protecting you. Your mind will try its best to justify why you should not move forward with the business opportunity by not joining those people, or the company or even use those products.
  6. 6. Others Have Been Successful! Take comfort from this that the business you are planning to sign up for has already 1000s of people in it who have already done so successfully with less going on for them in their lives than you have. So when you get thoughts that start to make you feel doubtful just don’t buy into them.
  7. 7. Recommended Resources ! I suggest that you get a copy of the following CDs and give your network marketing business a boost this month by learning more. I also suggest that you hear these CDs at least once a week for 90 days when getting started and then tap into them at least once a month from then onwards. They have done me a world of good. They will help you too.  Making The Shift by Darren Hardy  Building your Network Marketing Business by Jim Rohn
  8. 8. So Be Ready For The Battle Of The Minds Within You! Please visit our website at or Our Facebook Page at