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One Hot Tip Why I Need To Make More Money Today!

The one tip I shall share today is embedded in this post.
Making money can be tricky because when you do make money is it enough just to pay the bills or are you working towards a plan.

In a recent study it has been found that out of 100 student surveyed over their working career only 5% were financially well off or extremely wealthy.

A. What the researchers found out was these 5 percent of people had planned for the future. They had started businesses or even better made wise investments. In fact they control 95% of the wealth that the total group had generated over their working life.

Pretty interesting.

So what about the remaining 95% of the students. Well this is what was found out...

B. 5% of the group at the age of retirement were still working. You can actually see this happening in our super-marts around Australia, US, UK, NZ and other countries. These people have found out that they small pensions or savings isn't going to cover their living costs so they have to keep on working.

C. Then there is the group of 36% who had died prematurely well before their 65 birthday. Sadly these people probably lead lives that were highly stressed due to financial worries, emotional trauma and their health deteriorated to a point where they died early. Maybe they are the lucky ones.

D. The balance 54% are being taken care of by the government or by family. Sadly they cant work and need to be taken care of.

So how did this all happen? Did these people plan to fail at the time of their lives when they needed money most.

Certainly not. They all said they had a need to make money now. They just failed to plan.

So with raising cost of credit cards, student loans and mortgage repayments what are you going to do about your future.

Are you in the need to make money today? Why!

Do you have a plan and are you working at it right now so you don't land in the bundle of the 95% of college graduates who did not make it.

If you are looking for ways to make extra money or "I need to make more money" is on your mind right now, I would like to share with you more tips and ideas on how you can plan for the future.

Because the one hot tip I have for you is that if you don't plan now you will fail in the future.

Click the link below or enter the form on this page to get those ideas today for your own future.

Claude Fullinfaw

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