The 5 Common Mistakes New Distributors Make


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How can new distributors avoid unnecessary mistakes when they first get started.

First I like to highlight the five common mistakes new network marketing distributors make when they get started. They dont commit these intentionally. What if only they knew better then hopefully more of our new members would see success sooner and earn faster which means that they may go on to build bigger network marketing organizations instead of failing in their first week and quitting altogether.

So what are the five mistakes?

1. They, the new distributors only include people who are known to them. The new distributor creates a list of only family and friends. They leave out all the people they may know casually at work, college or in the networks they belong. Now the purpose of the list is to make sure you dont leave anyone out. Everyone needs to be told what you are doing.

2. Only include people who may appear to be good for the business. By no means should we short list people. Everyone again should be on that list of yours.

3. New distributors approach people with the sole intention to sponsor everyone they speak to. Now a point to bear in mind is that when you approach people to look at the opportunity it is to inform them what you are doing not to enroll them as yet. To get close to enrolling someone you need to pre-qualify them and see if they need something like what you are doing.

4. New distributors tend to try selling the business rather than selling the meeting. When you are new to network marketing and have no clue its important you sell the meeting with the expert, your sponsor, who will help the potential prospect to look at the business in a better light. So get to use your sponsor or the person who is supporting you in your "business growth" in your network marketing company.

5. New distributors approach every prospect the same way. When we all join the biggest mistake we make is thinking everyone's problem is everyone's problem. It is not the case. We need to learn to ask questions and see how best we can help people at where they may be at in their lives at that moment. We should learn to be problem solvers rather than solution givers.

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