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Iliving App Pre Launch Review


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Iliving App Pre Launch Review

  1. 1. The iliving app In Pre-launch ReviewThe iliving appIf you’re looking into the iliving app, you are almost there. What is the iliving app?It’s an amazing app for mobile phones, but is a lot more to those of us who are onlinemarketers.Here’s why:This could go viral!The iliving app is the first Apple App On “personal development and selfimprovement”First App To Pay You3 X 7 FORCED MATRIX (see the website under compensation if you don’t understand)NO Recruiting RequiredSubscriptions $9.95 per month- The developer has 22 successful apps that have millions of subscribers- You will have a chance to review and secure your position with the ilivingappbefore the pre-launch date of January 28, 2013
  2. 2. The iliving App – Why Get Involved?Why is the iliving app special? Because it hasn’t launched yet.Outside of the factthat it’s a mobile phone app that you can get paid on, the iliving app is GROUNDFLOOR right now. Is your current program dying or worse, dead? Is the market fullysaturated? With the iliving app, it certainly is not!You know when you see the guys in your current program that have those hugechecks and you just simply don’t? They have probably been there since the beginningand got tons of signups when people were incredibly excited about it. People aregetting incredibly excited about the iliving app!Check out the compensation plan!Are you going to tell me that you can’t blow this out of the water? You can get 10people to spend $10 a month, right?The iliving app – What Does It Do?It’s a self help app that can give people assistance in the personal livesalong with their professional lives.Know someone who could use some help?Give them the iliving app! Get started here!The iliving app – Why?Why? Because you work hard and have worked hard and now it’s time to reap therewards. Your skills and knowledge and contacts have lead you to this site, and nowI’m sending you to where you need to be. Recruiting is easy! You want something
  3. 3. new, that’s why you’re here, right? How many other people also want somethingnew? 100,000? 200,000? You don’t need that many to make a huge splash with theiliving app. Get over to the website and see for yourself!You aren’t going to believe the compensation plan. Even if you’re terrible atrecruiting, you can still make a lot of money. You’ll be in my downline so my overflowwill end up under you anyway! With the iliving app system, my hard work will paydividends for you!The system is new, it’s fresh, and it’s not even out yet. You will see everything I’mtalking about when you go over to the website. You are going to be BLOWN AWAY bythe opportunity that is waiting for youSign up today. The sooner you get on board, the sooner you can start recruiting.Eventually, like the other programs, the fun and excitement will subside. Right now,it has barely even started. With the iliving app right now, you’re in before the madrush. The mad rush is going to be coming to you! Click here to discover a blogging platform and marketing system that will take you from beginner to pro and teach you everything you need to know by totally eliminating all the technical aspects of your marketing and get endless leads to promote your iliving app business starting today while earning 100% commissions. Did you enjoy this article? Share it!