Coffee myths


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Coffee myths

  1. 1. Common Coffee MythsWhile working in the coffee business i often come across a lot of questions about commonand some uncommon coffee myths.As with any product used to excess, consumers often wonder about the healthconsequences. And researchers readily oblige. Hardly a month goes by without a reportthat hails coffee, tea or caffeine as healthful or damns them as potential killers.Can all these often contradictory reports be right? Yes. Coffee and tea, after all, are complexmixtures of chemicals, several of which may independently affect health.Caffeine MythsThrough the years, the public has been buffeted by much misguided information aboutcaffeine and its most common source, coffee. In March the Center for Science in the PublicInterest published a comprehensive appraisal of scientific reports in its Nutrition ActionHealthletter. Its findings and those of other research reports follow.Hydration. It was long thought that caffeinated beverages were diuretics, but studiesreviewed last year found that people who consumed drinks with up to 550 milligrams of
  2. 2. caffeine produced no more urine than when drinking fluids free of caffeine. Above 575milligrams, the drug was a diuretic.So even a Starbucks grande, with 330 milligrams of caffeine, will not send you to abathroom any sooner than if you drank 16 ounces of pure water. Drinks containing usualdoses of caffeine are hydrating and, like water, contribute to the bodys daily water needs.Read more....Coffee Leads To Heart Disease?It has long been thought that "coffee", as a stimulant, would lead to various forms of heartdisease. The recent literature.however, suggests that coffee is safe in moderate doses.Recently, one researcher, Warren G. Thompson, M.D., noted in a 1994 literature review onthis subject: "The largest and better studies suggest that coffee is not a major risk factor forcoronary disease."Additionally, a major study conducted by Willet, et al., examined data collected from morethan 85,000 women over a 10-year period. Upon adjusting the data for known risk factorssuch as smoking, they found no increased risk of CVD for women who drank six or morecups of "coffee" per day.A 1990 study by Diedrich, et al., looked at 45,000 men. It found no link between coffee,caffeine and CVD in men who drank four or more cups of coffee per day.
  3. 3. Coffee Causes UlcersOften times, when people see me drinking a cup of "coffee" they give the warning "Youshouldnt drink coffee, it will give you ulcers." The thinking, until recently, was that excessstomach acid caused ulcers and that "coffee" would contribute to the stomach acid. Recentstudies however show that most ulcers are caused by a particular bacteria, namelyHelicobacter pylori. Those ulcers can be cured easily with antibiotics. An importantdistinction to make is that while coffee or spicy foods for that matter dont cause the ulcers,they may serve to aggravate existing ulcers.Coffee Is Bad For Reproductive HealthMiscarriage, low birth weight, infertility. These are all commonly associated with beingincreased with coffee consumption. However, there has been little convincing evidence thata moderate amount of caffeine during pregnancy will cause these conditions.Scientists have had trouble linking consumption of coffee to miscarriage. There are manyconfounders in this area. As an example, it has been found that women who dontexperience nausea during pregnancy are more likely to miscarry. This could be due to thembeing less likely to stay away from foods and beverages that cause nausea. Therefore,coffee could be lumped in together with many other things that are consumed that shouldbe avoided.Furthermore, studies have also shown that women who drink more than three cups ofcoffee daily are at no increase risk of infertility or delayed conception.Healthy Coffee Click here to get information on a healthy coffee thats sweeping the world!!!