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Unidos do Avelar


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Unidos do Avelar

  1. 1. Sightseeing tours of Rio de Janeiro Unidos do Avelar
  2. 2. Copacabana It's a neighborhood, locaded in the Zona Sul of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It's considered the most famous place to go in Rio de Janeiro. It has the nickname Princesinha do Mar and Coração da Zona Sul.
  3. 3. Pão de Açúcar It's a complex of hills located in the neighborhood Urca, Rio de Janeiro.
  4. 4. Ipanema It's a noble neighborhood locaded in the Zona Sul of Rio de Janeiro, founded in 1894.
  5. 5. Cristo Redentor e Corcovado It's a statue portray Jesus Christ situated on Corcovado's hill
  6. 6. Santa Teresa Santa Teresa is a middle-class neighborhood of the city's Central Zone of Rio de Janeiro
  7. 7. Maracanã Stadium Journalist Mario Filho , better known as Maracana , the popular Maraca , is a football stadium located in Rio de Janeiro and opened in 1950.
  8. 8. Botafogo It is an upscale neighborhood of upper middle class south of the city of Rio de Janeiro
  9. 9. Floresta da Tijuca It is one of four sectors which divides the Tijuca National Park, in the city of Rio de Janeiro
  10. 10. Leblon It is an upscale neighborhood of the southern city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Located between the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas , the Atlantic Ocean, Hill Brothers and the Canal Garden of Allah