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Question 4 p2

  1. 1. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Part two.
  2. 2. Publisher.
  3. 3. Publisher.I used publisher to help create my ownpersonal green preview screen. After doingsome research I decided to make my owngreen preview screen so I could put my ownpersonal touch on it. For example I haveadvertised my own blog at the bottom andput ‘for more information on ratings’ whichis a post I have on my blog.I have also used publisher to analyse filmmagazines and posters. I used publisherbecause it is easy layout to analyse myresearch. Using publisher was also goodbecause when I was ready to upload thecontent up to my blog I just had to changethe file to a jpeg.
  4. 4. Powerpoint and Slide share.
  5. 5. Powerpoint and slide share.I have used powerpoint to help me complete my evaluation questions. I chose to usepower point because it is a well presented and organised software to use. It also allowedme to annotate any of my print screens I needed to. To upload my powerpoint I used asoftware called slide share where I had to make my own account. Once the powerpointis uploaded to slideshare I can place the link in a new post and place it on my blog forpeople to see.
  6. 6. Photoshop.
  7. 7. Photoshop.I used photoshop to design my firstmagazine design and my film poster design.I have had previous experience using thissoftware and therefore felt confident usingit. I felt that photoshop was more helpfulwith my film poster as I had a lot of layers. Italso allowed me to adjust the photo that Iwas on the poster. Before I edited thepicture I had a coloured picture but after Ihad a black and white version. This helpedthe poster fit in with the film’s theme. Thesoftware also allowed me to adjust thecolours of the font which also allowed theposter to fit in with the theme. I have alsoput my poster I design on bus stops so Icould advertise my film.
  8. 8. In Design
  9. 9. In design.After getting feed back from my targetaudience from the medi@chs website Idecided to do a new version of my filmmagazine. This time I decided to do it on adifferent software called In Design. Thisallowed me to choose a existing magazineand use the layout to make my magazinelook more professional. I did this by drawingboxes around the layout out of the Empiremagazine which covered the Harry Potterfilm. The only thing I didn’t like about InDesign is that there wasn’t a range of coloursI could use however I am happy with theones I have used on my film magazine.
  10. 10. Audacity.
  11. 11. Audacity.I also used the software audacity. I used audacity to record thevoice over to add in my trailer. I had a problem using thissoftware as the microphone wouldn’t work on my computertherefore I had to change computers. Once I had recorded thenarration I was able to import it into Premire Pro and edit it andplace the recording in the right places.
  12. 12. After Effects.
  13. 13. After Effects. I used after effects to create my ident. This was a good software to use as I could follow tutorials on youtube to help me design my own ident. Here is my actors name. I also designed this on after effects. This is a simple effect as I just added in a fade. Here is my trailer name. I had to download the font from Dafont website and place it in. I also designed this on after effects. This is a simple effect as I just added in a fade.
  14. 14. Premire Pro.
  15. 15. Premire Pro. Where I can watch my Upload my trailer. clips.Add effectsi.e. turned my My workspaceclips to black where I dragged myand white. clips in to.
  16. 16. Premire Pro. Once I had dragged my clips into the workspace I was able to place them in the right order and start cutting little scenes out. This also meant that my shots could flick from one to another. This box allowed me to upload my clips , ident, music and my file from audicity. After that I just needed to drag them in to my work place area. Here is where I changed my clips from colour to black and white. I did this by reducing the saturation.I also used Premire Pro in question 3 of my evaluation.