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Question 1 trailer


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Question 1 trailer

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop and orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products? Trailer.
  2. 2. Research and Planning. At first I wasn’t sure which genre I wanted my trailer to be so I narrowed it down to four different genres. They were: • Fantasy - I looked at Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (2011) and 17 Again (2009), • Comedy – I looked at the Inbetweeners (2011) and Driving Lessons (2006), • Romantic comedy – I looked at Wedding Crashers (2005) and Bridget Jones’ Diary (2001), • Horror – I looked at Blair witch project (1999) and Scream (1996). After looking at these trailers on Youtube I decided I wanted to make a horror trailer. However I also wanted my trailer to appear in black and white. I then did some research on black and white horror trailers, the ones I looked at were Curse of the Demon (1957), Frankenstein (1931). Even though the film The Artist (2011) isnt a horror it is the most recent black and white film to be released. I thought it was important to look at this trailer because of that reason.
  3. 3. Research and Planning. Before I decided to design a story board I sat down and decided what I wanted my character to be like so I made a check list and recorded it on my blog so I could refer back to it when I needed to. I also showed this check list to my actor who was playing the character so they had more of an idea of what they had to do to give a good performance.
  4. 4. Research and Planning. To help me plan my trailer I produced a story board so I would have a layout to follow. This is also a convention that is used for every film being made. This also allowed me to plan when I was film and where which made the process a lot more organised. Even though I changed certain scenes I stuck to my story board. When looking at horror trailers I noticed that many of them ended on the cliff hanger and left you wanting to know what happened. So I decided to develop this and made sure that when I was creating my story board that the final box had a cliff hanger scene in.
  5. 5. Location. For the location I got the idea from the film Scream. I liked the idea of how someone could be vulnerable in their own house so I decided to develop this idea. The location also allowed me to take shots from different angle because of the stairs.
  6. 6. Music and Speech. I my trailer I decided I didn’t want the actor to say anything throughout the trailer. This meant I challenged real media because all the horror trailers I looked at had the character/characters speaking in them. However I feel that the character not speaking in my trailer works because I have the voice over and have the music throughout the whole of my trailer. I put the music throughout the whole of my trailer because the drums especially built up the tension and I noticed that the film Frankenstein used this convention in this film however my music is more up to date and it fits in with the mood of my trailer.
  7. 7. Voice over/ narration. When researching horror trailer I noticed that a lot of them had voice overs in them to narrate the trailer. I decided to develop this in my trailer and have it at the beginning and the end of my trailer. I wanted it at the beginning to set the scene and give people some clues about the trailer. I then put the voice over at the end to name the trailer name when it faded in.
  8. 8. Font of title. I saw that the trailers font seemed to be chunky and large. The ones that stood out were Curse of the Demon and Frankenstein. I liked this style and size and decided to use this convention. I wanted my title name to look like this so I decided to experiment in Dafont website. This is the font style I used for my trailer, magazine and poster.
  9. 9. Other Font used and where it was used. When watching the trailers I researched I noticed that the actor names were in the middle of the trailer or at the end. When looking at Frankinstien and Curse of the Demon I saw that the font style for the actors name was the same as the font for the title. I decided I would challenge this because I wanted it to be different so my title would stand out even more at the end. I developed the idea from The Artist because the font was small and in the middle of the screen which made it look well presented. I also used a plain black background. I also used the same font for the actors name and the ‘ COMING FRIDAY 13TH APRIL 2012’. This meant they linked well together and that I didn’t have random text. I wanted to carry on the convention of horror films showing the date of the release at the end of the trailer. This also felt like a natural conclusion to the trailer.
  10. 10. Shots.When researching horrortrailers I paid particularattention to the shots. This willmake my trailer look moreappealing to watch and also itwill look more professional. Inoticed that there were lots ofclose ups that were fastpaced, over the shouldershots, establishing shots. Iincluded all of these in mytrailer especially the over theshoulder shots when my actorwas running as it gave theimpression someone waschasing her. I also used lots ofclose ups combined with fastpaced music which added to thetension building up. These shotsare typical horror conventionsso I decided to add these in.