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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. When you think of duct tape, you better think of Duck Tape.
  2. 2. certain in life:ThreeOne thingthings isare
  3. 3. We’re here to sell the duck!
  4. 4. Our key demographic is men age 30- 45
  5. 5. Why Choose Men Age 30-45? • Because Duck Tape is a do-it-all brand for their do-it-all lifestyle. • Most men age 30-45 are working, head-of- household types. • The family/working man has a lot to fix – so there is definitely a need for our product.
  6. 6. • Nashua, 3M, Anchor, Tessa, Tuck and Polyken are still selling duct tape. • The competition doesn’t heavily advertise, but they rely heavily on getting their product on store shelves early. • The good news is: we have a plan.
  7. 7. • Duck Tape offers reliability and variety that others don’t. • Increase brand image awareness. • Key selling attribute: Duck Tape does everything with variety.
  8. 8. We want people to feel the connection between Duck Brand tape and reliability. You can have variety while keeping consistency in the product.
  9. 9. Focal point: do-it-all nature versus what you shouldn’t do with Duck Tape. Reach out to safety needs! If you have Duck Tape, you are prepared for any household/work fixes. Finally, our ads will be humorous in radio, TV, and magazines. Laughter sells.