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Campus classle


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Campus Classle is Classle's award winning and powerful cloud based social learning environment for colleges and educational institutions with many features for making learning collaborative,social and fun. Institutes can brand the experience for their users and configure the services to their requirements. Adopting Campus Classle also instantly connects the institute into the Social Learning Network that Classle is creating, making them a Classle partner which brings added benefits.

Cloud Campus
Social Learning Solution
Multi Screen Access

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Campus classle

  1. 1. Campus ClassleClassle’s Cloud Campus Solution for CollegesFebruary, 2012
  2. 2. Professional programs aspire to provide World Class Learning Resources Experiential Learning Continues Development & Feedback © Copyright Classle
  3. 3. Challenges in Academic Institutes Many Challenges facing Academic Institutes, all needing immediate and long term solutions © Copyright Classle
  4. 4. Our Solution – Campus Classle Bring the power of Social Learning into your campus - Cloud Campus 1 Real time experience takes learning to next level - Simulations 2 Access your campus from anyplace, any device!-Multi Screen Access 3 Make learning fun - Game Dynamics 4 Bring real-time Academics insight into your programs - Academics Analytics 5 © Copyright Classle
  5. 5. What’s Social Learning?Beyond formal classroom learning, peopleinformally do many things without realizing thatthey are learning in the process Social Learning is a combination of all relevant Web 2.0 capabilities, targeted to be purposeful © Copyright Classle
  6. 6. What’s a Cloud Campus? A Cloud Campus extends your Institution into Virtual World with features for Anywhere- Anyplace Access – 24 x 7 © Copyright Classle
  7. 7. What Campus Classle brings… It brings the power of Social Learning and Classle’s expertise to brin a Campus © Copyright Classle
  8. 8. Virtual Labs for Engineering Co-de-bug – Programming Circuit Builder – Build and Test Environment Circuits Easy to use virtual lab for computer programming, Digital and Analog Circuit testing and practice © Copyright Classle
  9. 9. Simulations for MBA…. • Participants hone their decision making skills by practicing in realistic business scenarios. • Simulations have been developed along with faculty of IIMs and XLRI. • Simulations are deployed by IIT / IIM alumni with prior work experience in manufacturing, banking, IT and consulting. “Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced” ~ John Keats 15+ Easy to use simulation games for management subjects to bring experiential learning in your Institute © Copyright Classle
  10. 10. How Virtual Labs WorksA typical exercise has simulation games for 2 to 4 hours followed by debrief Explanation of Practice Game Analysis Multi-player underlying rounds with & Debrief – tournament concepts the computer How, Why? Game Details Our Involvement - Every game comprises - Detailed manuals to multiple rounds, each explain the game play, indicating a time period underlying business concepts involved and - Market Information is evaluation criteria. provided to make informed decisions - Training provided to internal faculty - Performance of players is evaluated based on - External faculty are relevant parameters provided on request “You cannot create experience. You must undergo it” ~ Albert Camus © Copyright Classle
  11. 11. With Multi Screen Access… Online access with custom application for Tablet, Smartphone & low cost devices © Copyright Classle
  12. 12. Our Secret Recipe – Game Dynamics…Makes learning fun by using Psychobehavioralresponses of individuals and groups usingGame Dynamics. Ask for some powerful case studies on Campus Classle. © Copyright Classle
  13. 13. …and Academic Analytics™ Classle’s platform is architected around Game Dynamics to bring ‘Pull’ in learning 13
  14. 14. 19th and 20th Century Infrastructure 21st Century InfrastructurePhysical Campus Physical + Cloud CampusLocal Resources Local + Global ResourcesFacilities Created only by You Globally Created FacilitiesIncremental Growth Explosive Growth Get Campus Classle & Transform yourself © Copyright Classle
  15. 15. … to transform Institutes from … Campus World My Teacher My Classmates Tests Textbooks Syllabus Projects Assignments a closed, physically constrained classroom to a … © Copyright Classle
  16. 16. … to this … Parents Other Resources Alumni Collaborators Experts Campus World My Teacher Professionals My Classmates Tests Textbooks Syllabus Projects Assignments …to a globally connected classroom with access to resources all over the world © Copyright Classle
  17. 17. …and Collaboration EnabledForm an Education Network among your institutions Alumni Partner 1 Expert Campus 1 University Campus 2 Campus 3 Get more engagement & value from your education & corporate partners …with ability to create your own campus network across all your campuses and partners. © Copyright Classle
  18. 18. We host & manage, You administer & use © Copyright Classle
  19. 19. Benefit Summary • Increase in brand & image • Improvement in teaching quality College • Placement facility for students • Access to Classle partners • Simple & enhanced - always on world class learning • 24 x 7 Access to campus Student • Makes learning fun & rewarding • Accessible through PC, Tablet, Smartphone, SMS • Makes teaching easy & fun Teacher • Interaction with all students @ one place • Access to world class resources for teaching © Copyright Classle
  20. 20. Other benefits Lifelong Alumni Network Get free lifetime membership in Placement Facility for your students © Copyright Classle
  21. 21. Case Study – Immersive Learning Make learning an engaging activity free from time bound interactions ....and transform it to Immersive LearningIncrease Learning effectiveness by 60% *Increase Learning Consistency by 40% * © Copyright Classle
  22. 22. Thank You! Vikash Goyal | | 9843188007Classle Knowledge Private Limited:14, 4th Seaward RoadValmiki NagarChennai 600 041Tamil Nadu, India No part of this presentation is to be circulated, quoted, or reproduced for any distribution+91 44 42158623 without prior written approval from Classle Knowledge Private
  23. 23. Classle - Introduction Classle is creating a Social Learning Network with focus on Education, Learning and Knowledge Communities. Classle rated as Top 15 startups worldwide Edge award winner from Information week for use of cloud computing in learning and education Selected as “Pioneer of Future” in Season 3 of Top 5 most scalable social enterprise in Lufthansa-ET Now Pioneering spirit education and learning Some awards to Classle © Copyright Classle
  24. 24. Social Learning Network Connecting learners, in Context, for Learning Classle’s Social Learning Network, a Social Network with learning focus solves this in Scale and Scope © Copyright Classle
  25. 25. Classle – The Social Learning Network Classle’s Social Learning Network, a Social Network with learning focus solves this in Scale and Scope © Copyright Classle
  26. 26. Cloud Campus for Colleges Campus Classle empowers seamlessly connectivity with other campuses as well as to share resources Copyright Classle © & collaborate
  27. 27. For Students • Leaderboards • Prizes • Awards • Internships • Jobs A student can move seamlessly between his campuses as well as the global community ( and learn from anywhere!
  28. 28. Classle Snapshot• 1.6 Lac Users from 800+ organizations in India• 100+ Organizations having Classle private platforms © Copyright Classle
  29. 29. Our USP Platform Strength Flexible Dependable • Anytime, any where • Scalable access • Reliable & redundant • Ready on day one • Experience • Application services • Secure Experience in Learning Analytics Private & Confidential © Copyright Classle 2012 29