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Favourite 70s Musical: Musical TheatreBoogie Nights GuidesMusical theatre is a form of theatre combining songs, spoken wor...
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Favourite 70's Musical: Musical Theatre


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Favourite 70's Musical: Musical Theatre

  1. 1. Favourite 70s Musical: Musical TheatreBoogie Nights GuidesMusical theatre is a form of theatre combining songs, spoken word, acting and dancing.These theatrical performances tell a story. First was known in the 1800s.Very well known, world wide. Popular to attend when in major cities. Major pictures as well assmall ones. People plan trips around going to the theatre. There are films that are musicalsnow. Even childrens books are turning into live action musical films. South Park is anexample of a modern cartoon musical for developed ups.This type of production was popular with the greeks. There was great involvement by thechoir of each performance. There were many different sorts of talents included. People likedattending in groups. Melodies from those days are long gone.It is amazing that this has been around for so long. Other areas of the world did this as well.There was a whole crew of artists. The tap shoe was created by the Romans. There weremany elements that went into the shows.resourcesBoogie is a type of music. Blues sometimes has boogie. To be felt in the body with noise andactive motion. Includes both mellow and heavy set music. Considering it can cover pop, rockand disco it covers a lot.Originally played on the piano but now adapted to guitar. What once was played on keys isnot well known on strings. A repetitive rhythmic beat with bass and improv. The lower regionof the united states was the home to this type of melodies. This term is not in the dictionary.A 100 12 months outdated phrase.It was a term for a kept girl. It had been a slang for when a person had a virus down insidetheir non-public elements. Swing was said to incorporate it at one point. The beat waspopular to dance to. By the 50s it was no longer as popular because rock took over. Therewas a re awakening of boogie in the 70s. It was adapted to be a way of moving around at aclub. Then in the 80s it was known as a form of country dancing.Consumers now commonly say things such as boogie on down. Dont take the next offramp,or we will end up in boogie town. Lets boogie at the club. Them be dark I do not associatewith them. He really jipped you this time.A powerful and overwhelming type of song. A successful sound to dance too. A specialoccasion. To run far away from a person. A well known term to try in different tactics.