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Driving EV Policy & Charging Infrastructure 6 & 7 November 2012 South Africa

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Pres 15 samuel poonsamy dhl

  1. 1. DHL’S ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAMSamuel PoonsamyInfrastructure and Procurement Manager, DHL Express
  2. 2. Our Company• DHL’s 3 founding members pioneered the International Express business in 1969, by transporting shipping documentation between San Francisco and Hawaii.• Today we have 100 000 employees, are present in 220 countries and operate a fleet of 29 500 vehicles and 260 aircraft.• We have been present in the South African market since 1979.• We run a total of 26 facilities throughout every province in South Africa and operate approximately 250 vehicles.Sep. 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 2
  3. 3. How our Business Impacts the EnvironmentOur Environmental Policy dictates that we reduce the impact of our businesson the environment – primary focus: carbon efficiency and climate protection CO2 Local air Water Waste Noise pollution Source: GoGreen, Deutsche Post DHL Sep. 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 3
  4. 4. Example: Using Electric VehiclesIn 2012 we are field testing more than 200 electric- and biomethanevehicles, reducing CO2, noise and local air pollution •Manhattan fleet switched to full electric or electric hybrid vehicles in 2011 •Field tests with over 100 electric vehicles in 2012 in order to further develop the technologies. Electric vehicles reduce local emissions, noise and, if they run on ‘green’ •Transition to biomethane electricity - CO2 powered vehicles in Sweden Challenge: finding a more economic and Switzerland. battery technologySource: GoGreen, Deutsche Post DHLSep. 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 4
  5. 5. GoGreen InitiativesDHL launched new ‘green’ fleet inManhattan in March 2011• Green fleet includes 50 hybrid vans + 30 American-made, battery-powered electric trucks• Manufactured in the U.S. by Azure Dynamics with Ford chassis• Complete roll-out by September 2011 – resulting in DHL fleet in Manhattan being 100% “green”• Investment of ~ $4 million in green technology and U.S. economy• Energy source for our battery-powered vehicles is complemented by wind renewable energy attributes, supplied from the local electricity grid• Cutting down fossil fuel use and reducing CO2 emissions by more than 50% p.a. (compared to conventional vehicles), in addition to reducing air and noise pollutionSep. 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 5
  6. 6. Local Opportunities and ChallengesOpportunities Challenges• Small and Medium Commercial • Battery use range and quality of battery Vehicle segment. technology.• Operate short distance in and around • Electricity grid capacity. CBD areas. • Acquisition cost.• Reduce reliance on fossil fuels. • Cost and cycle of maintenance.• Operate Carbon Neutral vehicles • Depreciation/disposal values. reducing carbon footprint.• Investment in economy through new EV related technologies.Sep. 2012 Deutsche Post DHL | Page 6