Pres 11 elmond khoza hudu presentation ev conference 2


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Driving EV Policy & Charging Infrastructure 6 & 7 November 2012 South Africa

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Pres 11 elmond khoza hudu presentation ev conference 2

  1. 1. Engineered solar power solutionsPHOTOVOLTAIC CARPORTS FOR EV CHARGING
  2. 2. • hudu was founded in 2005• Innovation is a core Hudu value and influences everything we do. Hudu specializes in the supply, design, installation and maintenance of custom-built, hybrid, on and off-Grid Solar Power Plants for Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Solar power applications.• Our products include solar water heating and solar water based under floor heating. (Not discussed today)• Our Mission Statement – become the most Unique solar engineering company by means of complete turnkey solution, account for sustainability throughout the life span of our product.• Our Value is to create and maintain an environment conducive to renewable energy.
  3. 3. • Sourcing the best quality products in the markets• Key relationships with BOS manufacturers and suppliers• In house research, design and engineering team• Qualified installers around South Africa• Hudu Success installed more than 3MW to date• Minimal environmental impact of all projects, even during installation.• Ceded Guarantees with manufacturers• Hudu Understands the South African Renewable energy market, incentives available etc.
  4. 4. Martin Viljoen Managing Director and company founder and owner Carol Roberts Elmond Khoza Marketing and sales Solar Engineer manager Brett Hirson Hans Lucky MiraArchitectural design and Project supervisor Administrator solar pv layout Masam SolarSales agent / accredited Hudu dealer and installer Sales agent / accredited Sales agent / accredited installer and dealer Western Cape installer and dealer KZN Gauteng
  5. 5. Photovoltaic Panels Suntech Power holdings Photovoltaic Panels Hanwha TrinaInverters and Monitoring SunPower Fronius Solar World etc Hudu sources the best quality products at the best price Finance for big projectsInverters and monitoring and EPC Kaco Hanwha SMA Sky Solar ABB IDC Outback etc Photovoltaic Stands Grace solar UI solar Solarworld
  6. 6. Monocrystalline for Solar farms / roof topPolycrystalline installationsused for utility scale plants • High module conversion efficiency • Positive tolerance (guaranteed positive tolerance) • Excellent weak light performances • Self clean effect • Industry leading warranty  Hudu is monitoring Feasibility of CPV in SA
  7. 7. Inverters DB Board Monitoring Weather station Live data reading on your laptop IPad Cell phone
  8. 8. Clip lock systemWe do not drill or damageroofing Concrete block systemOur products reinforce Pre manufactured Ground mountroofing Aluminium - anodized Baffle plate on the back row for wind protection
  9. 9. Commercial Experience
  10. 10. Commercial Installations Hudu is the first to install BIPV (building integrated Photovoltaics In South Africa
  11. 11. Residential
  12. 12. History of Photovoltaic systems• PV is a direct conversion of light into electricity atatomic level.• This is based on photoelectric effect, first noted by aFrench physicist, Edmund Bequerel, in 1839.•In 1905, Albert Einstein described the nature of lightand photoelectric effect, that photovoltaic technologyuses.•This discovery earned him a noble prize in physics.•1954, first PV, at bell laboratories•1960, space industry started using the technology.•1970’s, first non space application. During a powercrisis
  13. 13. TODAY
  14. 14.  Carport structure PV Mounting brackets Photovoltaic Modules Inverters / MPPT Grid Network / Battery Bank Car Chargers Grid Control Architecture
  15. 15.  TURNKEY SOLUTION System Capacity: 100 kWp Charging Points: 15 x Level 2 PV system type: Grid Feed inPRICE: R3’202’276.31Assuming a retrofit onto an already existing carport.ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS: CO2 OFFSET: 18’036’377.78 kg over 25 years EQUIVALENT TO: NOT DRIVING FOR 54’514’951.83 KM
  16. 16. System Size DC =100KW PV system excl. chargers =R2,423,352.56 FINANCIAL BENEFITS (OVER 20 YEARS WITH ESKOM FUNDS): IRR: 22.97% NPV: R3,401,398,82 SPB: 7 YEARS Assuming: electricity tariff at 90c/kWh Assuming clients bank rate of 10% TAX DEPRECIATION: R 678,538.72 (SARS depreciation over 3 yrs.) ESKOM DSM FUNDING: R 727,006.00 UPTO @ R1.20 per kWh
  17. 17.  ELMOND KHOZA Office Nr: 011 234 6116 Cell Nr: 078 489 3398