Given Mutshena, Sales Director, Ctrack Mzansi


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Future Fuel Distribution Strategies for Southern Africa, 2 & 3 November 2011, Southern Sun O. R. Tambo International, Gauteng

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Given Mutshena, Sales Director, Ctrack Mzansi

  1. 1. Latest Fully Integrated Fleet Management Solution
  2. 2. Content Vehicle Tracking• Concept• Key Management Areas• Mobile Resource Management Ctrack Fleet Connect Questions 2
  3. 3. GPS GSM DigiCore Vodacom Informatio or MTN n Bureau 24x7x365 Internet DigiCore HUB (Communications Internet Gateway) application Customer HUB (Control Center) Vehicle Tracking Concept 3
  4. 4. Key Management Areas Security/ Driver Operational Asset Productivity Safety Behaviour Control Management Panic Alarm  Speeding  Utilisation  Driver  Odometer / Battery Tamper  Harsh Braking  Working Hours Management Hour meter Impact Sensor  Harsh Acceleration  Stop Times  Remote door management Lights  Excessive Idle  Route control Maintenance Seatbelts  Over Revving Adherence  Remote scheduling No-Go Areas  Working Hours  Auxiliary immobilisation  License Preferred Areas  No-Go Areas monitoring (PTO,  Stop adherence Renewals Off Route  Preferred Areas Tip, Load)  Off Route  Accident Tacho analysis  Timed Route  Waypoints  2-Way voice analysis Monitoring communication  Engine  Peripheral Monitoring  Install auxiliary integration – PDA, Maintenance  Tacho analysis equipment barcode scanner moduleVisual & Audible  Fuel Utilisation etc  License moduleAlarms consumption Report  Timed Routes  Tacho & Message (CAN) Full Usage  Workflow accident reportsforwarding Report  Customer Service Exception  Event UtilisationReports Exception Report Tacho Report Reports Driver ID key Movement  Working Hours Vehicle & licenseReport Report categories  Stop Report  cCom or CDT  Fuel Report  3rd Party (CAN) integration 4
  5. 5. Data Management ModuleThe DMM records continuous and high resolution speed, RPM andother selected vehicle parameters. The vehicle’s driving profile and vehicle misuse /abuse can easily be determined using the downloaded RPM, speed (the traditional tachograph type information), Excessive idling and incident data. Proactively warn the driver when he reaches the set warning levels of Speed and RPM and continuously beep if these parameters are exceeded. 5
  6. 6. Tachograph information 6
  7. 7. Tachograph information continuedFuel level indication through fuel level sensor or CAN Bus. 7
  8. 8. Trailer TrackingThe uniquely configurable advanced power management features of theCtrack Assist are ideally suited for the demanding requirements of Trailer Tracking RF - link •GPS/GSM-RF unit installed in trailer •Trailer unit connects via RF to a RF-enabled unit in the cab • When connection is established, trailer unit switches off – combination is tracked via unit installed in the cab • When trailer unit cannot detect unit in cab – trailer unit tracks trailer independently 8
  9. 9. Mobile ResourceManagement (MRM) cCom interface 9
  10. 10. Functionality  Two way text communication • Predefined message to and from cCom • Free text messaging to and from cCom  Two way voice communication • Predefined numbers as setup from the software • Free text numbers from device  Driver Status change from cCom  Dispatch vehicle to selected location with onboard navigation • Search street address and dispatch vehicle • Right click on map and dispatch vehicle • Search for vehicle using skill sets and dispatch vehicle • Search for predefined location and dispatch vehicle10
  11. 11. cCom screen images Receive text message.11
  12. 12. cCom screen images Phone call placed.12
  13. 13. cCom screen images Task info.13
  14. 14. cCom screen images Navigation active.14
  15. 15. OverviewCtrack FleetConnect is a Management Information System(MIS) software package that integrates all components of fleetmanagement into a singular centralised data-base. This servesas the following:  One-stop fleet information consolidation and access point.  Assessing Fleet Analysis & Fleet Trends  Management of risk associated with the fleet  Multiple reports for hierarchal reporting structures  Budgeting, Budget Monitoring and Cost Control 16
  16. 16. The benefits of Fleet Connect include: Optimising vehicle running operating costs through detailed information on and management of cost factors including maintenance, fuel, tyres, batteries, labour and other cost contributors Increased operational efficiency through: • maintenance planning and scheduling, and • delivery routing and scheduling Improved Safety of vehicles, drivers and cargo Automated comparison of actual operating cost vs. owner and industry benchmarks Visibility of all financial aspects throughout asset/vehicle lifecycle Optimal sourcing by buying the right asset/vehicle at the right price for the job required Real time workflows (business rules) and exception reporting allow pro-active response designed for risk and cost management Reliable, real time management information for informed decision making
  17. 17. Quotation Management Fleet Analysis Vehicle Acquisition & Procurement Management Disposal Life Cycle Fleet & HR Administration ModelInformation Management Fleet / Asset Management & Administration Maintenance Management Human Resources Risk Management 18
  18. 18. Needs Analysis AdministrationAnalysing your requirements Managing your fleetFleet Analysis Fleet & HR Management-Fleet Audit Quotation -Asset /Vehicle Configuration-Fleet Policy -Parameter/Property Customisation Management-Vehicle Selection Criteria -Asset Register -Personnel Register Fleet/Asset Management -Fleet Management -Vehicle Utilisation -Fuel Management -Tyre ManagementProcurement Fleet Analysis Vehicle Acquisition & Procurement -Battery Management ManagementAcquiring your fleet -Exception Management -Routing& Scheduling -Running CostQuotation Management -Manifest Management-Maintenance Rate Options -Toll Gates & Borders-Maintenance Funds Quotes-Vehicle Comparisons Human Resources-Full Maintenance Lease / Rental -Personnel Management-Operating Rentals -Driver Management-Sale & Leaseback (Fleet Buyout) -Driver allocation & scheduling-Finance Structures-Setting Residual ValuesVehicle Acquisition & Disposal Life Cycle Fleet & HR Administration -Driver License Management -TOM & LR (AARTO) -Driver Training -Driver OvertimeProcurement Management-Rental Options-Outright Purchase Model Risk Management -Insurance & Claims -Ctrack Vehicle Tracking-Billing -Accident Management-Lease Options -Driver License Management-Discounts -Roadside Assistance-Ad hoc Rentals and Replacement Vehicles -Fraud Management -Traffic Fine Management Information Management Fleet / Asset Management & Administration Maintenance Management -Maintenance Contracts -Managed Maintenance -Warranties -Service Scheduling & Reminders Maintenance Management -Pre-Service InspectionsDisposal -Job card Management & Control -Workshop Parts & Stock ManagementSelling your vehicles Human Resources Information Management -Event Viewer (CRM)Disposal Management -Live Incident/Event Reporting-Auctions -Web/Email Reporting-Use as buffer fleet -Management & BI Dashboards-Sell through dealers Risk Management -Workflow Management
  19. 19. Ctrack Fleet Connect• Integrated Ctrack into FleetConnect. Ctrack data now verifies all transaction for vehicles such as re-fuelling or toll transactions• FleetConnect has a administration platform and a web user interface (similar to Ctrack MaXx & Ctrack Online.)• Ctrack FleetConnect offers a BI platform with management dashboards as well as comprehensive management reports.
  20. 20. Solution benefits•Comprehensive Fleet Management solution – asset life cycle.•Single platform for all fleet related information including trackinginformation.•Virtual environment – no need to install software at customers
  21. 21. QUESTIONS
  22. 22. THANK YOU www.digicore.com23