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Yokogawa VigilantPlant Solutions Partner


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VigilantPlant is Yokogawa's automation concept for safe, reliable and profitable plant operations

Our concept is for a plant to be a place where people can be watchful and attentive, while the business responds quickly and efficiently to change. Non-stop production is assured as the plant’s personnel confidently expand their capabilities.

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Yokogawa VigilantPlant Solutions Partner

  1. 1. Bulletin 53T50A01-01E-A VigilantPlant ® Solutions Partner Program
  2. 2. Yokogawa’s VigilantPlant® Solutions Partner Program (VPS Partner Program) creates a collaborative partnership with select System Integrator’s (SI’s) to deliver best in class industrial automation solutions to the process industry. The program goal is to equip our partners with the necessary tools and training to provide a superior level of customer support, ensuring desired business results in today’s demanding industrial automation environment. The program provides access to Yokogawa’s VigilantPlant Solutions portfolio including the industry’s most reliable products. Under the program, VPS Partners are trained and certified to deliver DCS, PLC, RTU products, and advanced application software. Support comes from some of the leading industry experts with access to our global network of experts that have executed and supplied over 20,000 control system worldwide. Having introduced the world’s first DCS in 1975, Yokogawa has provided Industrial Automation solutions for over 35 years. The VPS Partner Program is designed to connect our portfolio and expertise with SI’s and customers in all process industries. VigilantPlant ® Solutions Partner Program VPS Partner Program1
  3. 3. ACT WITH AGILITY Fewer surprises KNOW IN ADVANCE Minimize reactive measures, unexpected downtime, quality variations Reduce delays, lost opportunities, knowledge silos Free of bottlenecks SEE CLEARLY Avoid guesswork, instability, sub-optimization Less blind spots 2
  4. 4. Yokogawa Corporation of America (YCA) will collaborate with Solutions Partners to develop a competitive approach for each project automation pursuit. Providing our customers with the best solution to meet their needs and contribute to the profitable growth of their business is our primary objective. By working closely with our partners, we can develop solutions to optimize engineering and integration efficiency. VPS Partner Program Competitive Pricing Our Solutions Partner Program offers a tiered discount structure to provide competitive discounts on hardware and software. Training Our multi-level training program includes vendor provided on-site training at SI locations that can be customized to meet the needs of our partners. We also provide initial training credits for use in SI selected product training classes. Support We provide a dedicated team of Field Technical and Inside Sales support along with hours of time from our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Access to Sales Channels Our SI partners will have access to YCA’s direct sales team, and will be paired with selected manufacturer’s representatives in our indirect channel providing lead generation and support on SI sales pursuits. Flexible Credits Redeemable $$ credits to apply towards training, demo’s, discounts on hardware and software. Web Portal Our dedicated Web Portal provides immediate access to the latest product news and technical specifications and documents to support project development and engineering. Becoming a VigilantPlant Solutions Partner The VigilantPlant Solutions Partner network consists of carefully selected SI’s to deliver best in class services to our customers. The selection process targets partnership opportunities to provide mutual benefit to Yokogawa and our Partners while allowing us to meet the needs of our expanding customer base. Our initial selection process includes a comprehensive audit program. Ongoing program requirements involve evaluations and opportunities to improve each partner relationship and annual sales. VALUE BASED PARTNERSHIP 3
  5. 5. 4
  6. 6. VPS PARTNERS PROGRAM PRODUCT PORTFOLIO CENTUM VP is an Integration Production Control System used to manage and control the operation of industrial facilities. CENTUM reliability is the de-facto standard in the industry by its unique Pair & Spare reliability technology and seven 9’s availability. Through its evergreen policy, every release is backward compatible with the former CENTUM systems as it has been throughout its 35 year evolution, which gives customers assurance for the long term viability of the system. CENTUM VP integrates plant information management, asset management, and operation support functions, achieving a unified operating environment. CENTUM VP provide a greater degree of data integration from digital field devices, packaged subsystems and other data sources intelligently presented for utilization in maintenance and operations with lower lifecycle costs for installation and maintenance. Key items include the fastest and highest capacity field control station with a fiber optic remote I/O that provides both high performance and greater flexibility of installation for its remote I/O, a subsystem interface for PLCs, RTUs, MCCs, and Safety Systems data Integration, and support for the newer 64 bit Windows Operating Systems – Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 server. STARDOM is an intelligent PLC/RTU controller with advanced information technology inheriting the ruggedness of the Yokogawa DCS. This modular family of network-based controllers WELL PRODUCER is a packaged solution specifically designed for conventional and tight/shale gas applications. Included are a multitude of AGA calculations, control applications and report functions. The solution is also a perfect replacement for old RTUs, providing enhanced data availability at the operation center. Functions in this package include: • Standardized Control and Monitoring • Multiple gas flow meter-runs • Reliable hardware architecture • Easy configuration and customization • Serial and Ethernet MODBUS communication • Accurate gas measurement (API21.1 compliant) • Verification and calibration logs • Large flash memory for local logs • Solar and battery option available DCS PLC/RTU PACKAGED APPLICATION VPS Partner Program support a wide variety of control applications including package unit control, oil and gas metering functionality, and unmanned platform control. These flexible and open controllers are based upon the IEC61131-3 standard with a portfolio library of advanced function blocks to provide a more modular functionality in process units. Custom configuration can be created using JAVA for thin client access. STARDOM can also incorporate data from intelligent devices through Foundation Fieldbus functionality. By embracing new digital and information technology in reliable hardware and inheriting the rugged DNA of the Yokogawa DCS, STARDOM offers evolved SCADA solutions. TM 5
  7. 7. The FAST/TOOLS package is a powerful and open SCADA Host system. It utilizes Web- based supervisory control human machine interface, OPC server/client functions, data acquisition from a variety of controllers and devices, alarm management and historical data management. FAST/TOOLS supports full redundancy of database and communication providing high availability to the system. The flexible communication capability and user interface, together with the scalability allows the overall operation of a SCADA application. FAST/TOOLS can act as a data concentrator of multiple systems with a capacity of a million tags in one server, as well as the universal operator interface for multiple systems. Bi-directional interface between the enterprise systems enables quick decision making and optimization. csTuner is on on-line/off-line PID controller tuning application tightly coupled to the CENTUM CS 3000 R3 and CENTUM VP platforms. csTuner is ideal for when Control loops: - are operated in manual mode frequently - are switched to manual mode frequently - must be continuously monitored - are poorly stabilized thus increasing board operator’s workload Plant Resource Manager (PRM) is a field device maintenance and management solution used to monitor and save diagnostic information from transmitter and valve devices. Utilizing a feature called device patrol, PRM will periodically identify field device issues and report them to a centralized location. The cause of the issue can be easily identified through clearly displayed diagnostics information. Exapilot and Exaplog are operational efficiency improvement packages that provide the functions of modular procedural automation and alarm/event analysis respectively. Benefits include • Standardized and Automated Manual Procedures • Improved Plant Operating Efficiency • Improved Safety of Plant Operation Exapilot automates Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) and provides early detection of process and device abnormalities through OPC interface to process control systems. Exapilot provides easy to use flowchart-like tools that allow operators to create and automate their own operating procedures. The Exaplog Event Analysis Package provides tools for managers, engineers and supervising operators to analyze plant historical logs. Exaplog uses trend graphs to measure process events (alarms) and operator actions and, along with pie charts and tables, analyze event-type distributions, in order to identify relationships between these alarms and operator actions. As a result, unimportant/ consequential alarms can be identified and inefficient operation sequences improved so to “balance” the process and enhance efficiency. Exaquantum is a plant-wide information management system combined with a powerful user interface. The primary functions of Exaquantum are to gather, store and aggregate process and other business data. Interfacing to a process control systems via OPC, Exaquantum gathers data into a real-time database where the raw data can be combined with laboratory and other calculations to produce derived, higher value information. In addition to normal historisation, Exaquantum calculates ‘aggregation values’, which is a process of data reduction (such as mean value calculation, minimum/maximum tracking, standard deviation, summation) over user-defined periods. The aggregations are themselves historized allowing them to be analyzed over long periods. As plant data is the bedrock for all process information solutions, the easily customizable role-based Exaquantum user interface provides the necessary information to support the decision makers across the enterprise. SCADA DASHBOARDS LOOP TUNING DEVICE MANAGEMENT OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCYFC111-13 **** 182.4 6.39 **** **** **** **** **** **** **** 85 4.7 0 0 8.039 Moderately Aggressive Tunings P-Only PI PID PID w/filter Existing Sec **** **** **** **** **** **** **** 2.41 36.56 None N/A 0.008844 11.01 207.5 **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** 1.51 28.55 27.7 0.03 0.03172 7.582 128.9 1 2 quantum pilot plog/ 6 powered by control station
  8. 8. The contents of this document are subject to change without prior notice. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2011 Yokogawa Corporation of America. Edition 1 Printed in USA CONTACT INFORMATION General Manager, Channel Sales Industrial Automation Division, North America Yokogawa Corp of America 12530 W. Airport Blvd Sugar Land, TX 77478 281-340-3800 Excellence in production, asset, and safety sustained over the life cycle of your plant. The VigilantPlant Operational Excellence Model aims to sustain your profitable business growth by enabling excellence in three key aspects of plant operations over the life cycle of your plant. VigilantPlant Operational Excellence Model Production Excellence for operational agility and adaptability Asset Excellence for asset availability and utilization Safety Excellence for health, safety , and environmental (HSE) protection Represented by: Yokogawa Corporation of America 12530 W. Airport Blvd., Sugar Land, TX 77478 Phone: 281-340-3800 Fax: 281-340-3838 2 Dart Road, Newnan, GA 30265-0928 Phone: 770-254-0400 Fax: 770-254-0928 Yokogawa de Mexico, SA de CV Av. Urbina No. 18 Fracc. Parque Industrial Naucalpan Naucalpan de Juarez Estado de México, C.P. 53489 Phone: (55) 5955-7400 Fax: (55) 5955-7417 Yokogawa Canada, Inc. Bay 4, 11133 40th Street SE, Calgary, AB T2C 2Z4 Phone: 403-258-2681 Fax: 403-258-0182