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Stainless Steel Cast NAMUR Mounting Bracket


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The cast stainless steel mounting bracket facilities the installation of Westlock Control's control valve monitors on any actuator with the standard NAMUR mounting patterns.

Published in: Engineering
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Stainless Steel Cast NAMUR Mounting Bracket

  1. 1. Technical Bulletin for NAMUR cast bracket Copyright © Westlock. All rights VCBUL-03807-EN 15/09 NAMUR cast mounting brackets Cast stainless steel bracket for mounting Westlock control products to actuators with NAMUR standard mounting patterns. Features • 316 stainless steel casting for robust and corrosion resistant performance • Compact design easy to fit • Suitable for AccuTrak, Quantum, Intellis product lines and K-10 positioner • Supplied as a complete kit with all necessary hardware (imperial and metric) • Range of brackets for all NAMUR standard mounting patterns • Economic alternative to a traditional bent steel bracket NAMUR 30x80x20 mounting pattern NAMUR 30x130x30 mounting patternNAMUR 30x80x30 mounting pattern Ordering guide Part Number NAMUR mounting pattern Replaces current part numbers BAA3041 30x80x20 BAA2087N/BAA2087NS4/BAA2087NS6 BAA3042 30x80x30 BAA2088N/BAA2088NS4 BAA3043 30x130x30 BAA2090N/BAA2090NS4