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  1. 1. The New Girl!! “O-M-G, who do she think she is?! Walking around and acting so friendly. BTWwhat is her name? I’ve never even seen her before,” Abigail stood up and crossed herarms.! It was a sunny day at riverbank high, with Abigail Mackenzie as usual, ruling thesocial scene and stealing the spotlight. Abigail just reacted to the new girl named Hazel asshe walked through the main door and greeted everyone with a friendly hello.! “She’s the new girl,” Olivia replied making air quotes. “We have art with her firstperiod.” Olivia has brunette hair and brown eyes, pink cheeks and a winning smile. Herfavorite sport is tennis therefore her clothes are always sporty.! “Kay,” Chelsea said brushing her hair. She is the joker of the group and is alwayskeeping everyone laughing.! “Let’s buy a drink before heading to class,” Emma yawned. She wore a dark bluetee and a pair of skinny jeans. Her parents divorced when she was 9, ever since that, shehad been mean to everyone, well, except her friends.! The bell rung shortly after strike they finished their drinks. They headed to classafter getting their paint brushes and sketch book. As they walked in the classroom,everyone stared.! “What are you looking at? Do I look like I work in McDonalds?” Abigail asked. AsOlivia, Emma and Chelsea took a seat.! “No,” a girl answered.! “Then why are you all staring,” Abigail hissed as she took a seat with her friends.! “Attention class, today we are going to be painting a scenery of mountains andrivers, you have half an hour to paint this,” Mr Leroy said.! “Psst, Chelsea, look at the new girl, Hazel,” Abigail said.! “Ewww, just look at her outfit, they are so last season,” Chelsea said.! “I know right!” Abigail sounded surprised.!! “Fifteen minutes more, get that paint on the canvases!” Mr. Leroy shouted.! “Hey! We should invite Hazel to eat lunch with us!” Emma grinned.! “Ewww, why would you think that?” Olivia questioned.! “Um ... isn’t that obvious?!” Emma answered.! “Great idea Em!” Abigail sounded proud.Bernice! 9.05.13
  2. 2. ! “All right, times up. Bring your canvases to the front of the class and we will sharethem tomorrow,” Mr. Leroy said.! The girls brought their canvases to the front of the class and headed out.! “Em, go ask Hazel,” Abigail stretched her arms.! “Why me?” Emma shrugged.! “Because you thought of it...” Abigail relaxed her shoulders.! “Fine!” Emma said as she walked away.! “Hey, Hazel! I see that you are new around here, right?” Emma asked.! “Yup, I sure am!” Hazel replied with a friendly smile.! “You want to sit with us during lunch? We have a spare seat!” Emma said soundingexcited.! “Sure! I definitely want to,” Hazel said happily.! “We’ll meet you at table 12. Later!” Emma waved as she set off to find Abigail.!! The girls went to get their meals at Café Rivera then went to their table for lunch.! “Over here Hazel!” they all shouted.! “Coming,” Hazel smiled, happy that that she had made friends.!! “That seat is for you,” Abigail said.!! “Um...guys, I feel something wet on my pants.” Hazel said looking a bit scared.! “Stand up Hazel, let us have a look,” Chelsea said glancing a shot at Abigail, Emmaand Olivia.! As Hazel stood up, the girls all started laughing, looking at the wet spot on herpants.! “Everybody, come look at Hazel, she peed on her pants, look at her!” Abigailshouted as loud as she could, so that everybody in the cafeteria could hear her.! Soon giggles and whispers filled the cafeteria and everyone was staring at Hazel.Hazel was horrified, she stared at Abigail and was furious.! “How could you guys do this to me? I thought we were friends?” Hazel said trying tohold back her tears.! “Oh, did you really think we were your friend? Abigail hissed.Bernice! 9.05.13
  3. 3. ! “I...I thought....” Hazel rushed to the nearest bathroom before even finishing hersentence.! Rumors and laughters were all around Hazel as she rushed to the bathroom. Twogirls named Scarlett and Sophie followed her. When Hazel reached the bathroom stall sheslammed the door shut and started crying. How could this happen? What did I do? Whydon’t they like me? Questions filled her head.! Hazel came out of the stall and washed her face, she tied her jacket around herwaist so people wouldn’t notice the wet spot on her pants. Soon the two girls who hadfollowed Hazel came into the bathroom.! “Hi, Hazel, I’m Scarlett and this is Sophie,” Scarlett said.! “We saw what Chelsea, Emma, Abigail and Olivia did to you; we thought it wasmean and cruel. It’s okay, we’ve got your back. We’ll be your friends -- we will be there foryou no matter what. We promise,” Sophie said with her good heart.! “Really?” Hazel said, sounding slightly better.! “Yes, we will. Now let’s get you back outside and have a talk with them,” Scarlettsaid to Hazel.! “Okay, let’s go,” Hazel said feeling happy that she had friends that stood up for her.! As they walked out of the bathroom, whispers and giggles filled the cafeteria again.! “Hey! Abigail what you did to Hazel was cruel and mean, what you did was not rightand you should stop. You are hurting her feelings!” Sophie shouted.! “O-kay, whatever. Get lost ma friends,” Abigail hissed.! “Hey! Watch the attitude!” Scarlett said raising her voice.! “Okay! What do you want now!” Abigail glared as she stood up and crossed herarms.! “I want an apology,” Hazel said.! “Ya wish!” Abigail said.! “O-kay this isn’t anywhere,” Olivia whistle as she took a bit of her sandwich.! “Ugh...Leave the table already! I want to eat my lunch,” Abigail said.! “We are not leaving until you apologized,” Sophie glimpsed at Scarlett and Hazel.! “FINE! Stay as long as you want,” Abigail took a seat to enjoy her lunch.! “Are you going to leave or not?! Quite staring at me,” Emma hissed.Bernice! 9.05.13
  4. 4. ! “Guys, let’s just come back later. We have to eat our lunch, our break is almostover,” Hazel said looking at Sophie and Scarlett, who just kept staring at Abigail and herfriends.! “Okay, well, this has not ended yet! We will come back later!” Scarlett said as shewalked away with her friends.! “Finally, peace and quiet,” Abigail said taking a deep breath.! “Hey Abigail! What are we going to do about Hazel and her friends?” Chelseaasked.! “I have just the best idea ever!” Emma said looking proud.! “What is it?” Abigail questioned.! “We are going to apologize... but,” Emma said.! “No way, we are not going to apologize,” Abigail chimed in.! “Now, let me finish. As I’ve said, we will apologize to them, but can we come toschool early tomorrow, to put up posters that we will make after-school later. For theposter, we will print out faces of Hazel and her friends and we will draw over them so theywill get humiliated when they get to school! Sounds cool?” Emma asked.! “Definitely,” Abigail smiled as she turned her head over to Hazel.! “Come on! Let’s go over and apologize.” Emma said! The girls threw their trash away before getting over to Hazel’s table.! “Um... Hazel, We are sorry about what we did to you, we didn’t mean that, we werejust joking. We are truly sorry Hazel,” Abigail apologized.! “We are sorry too,” Olivia, Emma and Chelsea said.! “We promise, we will never do it again. Lesson learned,” Olivia said.! “Now, Hazel, are you feeling better?” Scarlett asked.! “Yeah I am, I forgive you guys,” Hazel said.! “So... see you guys around! We have a project we have to finish. Later!” Abigailgrinned. As she walked away with her friends.!! “Bye! See you later!” Hazel said.! “Hey! You guys want to drop by my house after-school? We can finish the posters atmy house!” Abigail suggested.! “Totally!” Chelsea said.Bernice! 9.05.13
  5. 5. ! After the bell rang, which meant it was time to go home. The girls were reallyexcited about the revenge they were going to pull on Hazel and her friends. The girlsimmediately met up with each other and took a cab to Abigail’s house.! “O-M-G, I can’t wait to see at the looks on Hazel, Sophie and Scarlett’s facestomorrow!” Chelsea said rubbing her hands together.! “Same here!” Olivia said.! Soon they arrived at Abigail’s house. They brought their bags to her room and gotstarted decorating the posters of Hazel, Sophie and Scarlett. Time pasted quickly and itwas already seven.! “Come on! We are running out of time! Let’s finish these poster quickly!” Emmasaid.! “Yeah! I have to go home in like 10 minutes,” Chelsea said as she stuck on a pieceof black paper on the poster.! “Finally! Done, done and done,” Abigail said in relieved. “Bye guys see youtomorrow at school! Remember, be their at seven fifteen.”!! “Bye!” Chelsea shouted.! The morning sun felt like a spotlight as it cast a yellow beam through the bedroomwindow of Abigail’s. She quickly got dressed and took a bite of her breakfast beforeheading out to meet her friends at school.! “Hey! I’ve brought the posters and some tape, so we can put them up,” Abigail said.! “Great! Let’s get started! Emma smiled.! The girls were almost finished hanging the posters and just finishing the lasttouching bits.! “And we are done!” Chelsea said feeling satisfied with all the work they’d done.! “Now, let’s check on the Hazel and her friends, can’t wait to see their faces whenthey see our posters,” Emma jumped with excitement.! “Come on! Let’s go!” Olivia said.! “Hold it right there,” Mr Lockhart, the school principle said. “I have seen what youdid with the posters and I want to have a chat with you in my office, now!”! The girls were all in silence, they followed the principle into the office and wasnervous.! “You are not allowed to put anything up without my permission, especially ones thatare mocking people, do you understand?” Mr Lockhart asked.! “Yes,” they said together.Bernice! 9.05.13
  6. 6. ! “Now I want you to apologized to the girls and say that you will never do it againunderstood? Mr Lockhart questioned.! “Yes, we will do it right away,” Abigail said.! “Now, head for class you will be late” Mr Lockhart said.! “Ugh... I knew this was going to be a bad idea, let’s not do this again, please. I don’twant to get suspended from school or worse, get kicked out. My grades depend on my lifeand if my parents found out about today, I could be banned from tennis like for a monthand be seriously grounded.” Olivia said.! “Yeah, she’s right, we shouldn’t do this ever again. I don’t want my parent to find outabout this too! I would be in big trouble,” Chelsea said looking at Abigail and Emma.! “Yeah same here,” Abigail said feeling down.! “Anyways, at least we are still here together!” Emma said trying to cheer them up.! “Forever,” Abigail smiled.! “Come on, let’s head to class, we wouldn’t want to be late!” Olivia smiled.! Soon, after today, everything was getting better and better. The girls were allstanding up with each other and never ever did the again as they learnt their lesson. Thegirls treated everyone with care and helped others when in need because that’s whatfriends do for friends.!Bernice! 9.05.13