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WWP4 rough draft


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Published in: Business, Technology
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WWP4 rough draft

  1. 1. Souichiro !! ! ! ! ! WWP4 - Rough DraftIt was the 18s century. During the middle of centurymachine wasn’t made, but people worked well and theywere in peace. One boy called Bob, who graduated highschool, was friendly so he made a lot of friends duringhigh school. Now his best friend is Harry who likes to playsports. He also likes science. Bob is not good at sports buthe’s very smart. He is the smartest person in his highschool.One day when Bob and Harry were drinking at therestaurant and talking each other about graduating highschool Harry said,“Hey Bob do you want to make a time machine so we cantravel the future and tell everybody whats going tohappen in the future?”Bob was scratching his chin and thinking about makingthe time machine. Bob asked,“But if we make it and travel and the time machine breaksuddenly what are we going to do?”Harry ignored Bob and he grabbed Bob’s hand andthey went to Harry’s house.They went to the secret room where Harry alwayspractice science. Bob was the first one to see his secretroom. It was very complicated with wires and flask, but itwas amazing! It was like a little amusement place withTheTimeMachine
  2. 2. many kids running around. While Bob was looking at theplace, Harry bring his huge paper and pencils. He was fullof enthusiasm. So Bob also helped him plan to make thetime machine. After few days we worked at Harry’s secretroom and they finally finished! But now we need to buildthe time machine. Bob took a little break but Harry keepon working with the time machine. Harry gave Bob a peptalk about not give up. They worked on building it. Somepiece were not in his house so Bob went to buy pieces thatwere missing.Three days later they finally made the time machine.The last stage is to test the time machine. They were halfworried if the time machine broke during traveling but stillthey were brave. They sat on the chair and pulled thelever and... of they went! They traveled to the future.During traveling they just saw a rainbow twirling aroundthem and they were looking at it. Harry stopped the lever.When the lever stopped it landed on the street. Theylooked around and people were staring at them. But whenHarry and Bob were looking at people they noticedsomething. All the people wore the same cloth and theylooked like they were from the past! Bob said “Yay! Weare the first one to travel the future!” They were so happythat they even hugged other people. A Few minutes later,Bob and Harry calmed down and Harry said“What do you want to do?”Bob said“How about buying goods so we can show evidence andwhen we travel back home and we can get a prize!”
  3. 3. Harry nodded his head. But first they parked the park in asecret street so nobody will take it. When they walkedaround the city buying goods and gifts they were tired sothey went to a restaurant. When they looked at the menuthey struggled because all the foods and drink they readwas things they never read. The foods and drink came andthey ate like a monster. It was delicious! It was the tastethey never tasted but it was delicious! After eating, theywent back to the secret street to go back and get prizes.Bob and Harry heads were all about prizes andgetting money. Harry went to the place where they hid theTime Machine, but... it was gone!!! They found corners tocorners to top to down and still they couldn’t find the TimeMachine! They were panicked so they try to calm downand think what to do. Harry said “ What about we makeanother Time Machine?” But Bob disagreed because theydidn’t have the plan of the Time Machine. Still Harry tellhim to make the Time Machine. And finally Bob agreed.They need to find a place to make the Time Machineand the tools to make it. When they looked around to findthe place Harry saw a tiny gap that they can go. He triedto went inside and he found a big place where nobody ishere except him. He tell to Bob and they went in. Next isto find tools to make a Time Machine. Bob realized that heput the making plan inside his pocket. He founded insidehis pocket. They quickly get the tools like a lighteninggoing through each store. When they went inside the tinygap, they put all the tools in there. Now its the time to
  4. 4. make the Time Machine. They make the Time Machine asquick as possible, because they didn’t have money to eat.5hours later they finish the Time Machine but it lookedvery lack of skill, but they didn’t care. They set the timeand set the place and Bob push the lever. 1...2...3... theyvanished. They were happy because they can go back tothere homes! Bob stop the lever. They landed on a treewith lots of tall and huge tree. Where are they?