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Wwp4 fd.nicolec

  1. 1. Nicole C. Tuesday, May 7, 2013Maybe it was for the Best“Get out of here!” she screamed at me.I was never one to fit in wherever I went, nor was I one whocared about what other people said about me. I didn’t have manyfriends, so my family members were basically my best friends. Wewent through everything together, just my mom, two youngerbrothers – John and Alex - and I. As for my dad, I don’t remembermuch about him. My parents divorced when I was very young, andthere weren’t many photos of him at home. It was always hard forme to fit in, and we were always moving to try and start over.However, since my mom was a single mom and didn’t make a lot,we lived in pretty bad conditions. We never got the best ofeverything, but all three of us would always try to save up somemoney to give to contribute to the family savings once in a while.Our home only consisted of one bedroom that we all had to share, akitchen and a small living room. There was barely any space tomove around in, and it was always quite dirty. It was foul smellingand there was dust everywhere.Unfortunately, moving here for my family to start a new lifedidn’t let me have a chance to start all over. Things just got evenworse here. Pretty much everyone bullied me about having a singlemom and living in such bad conditions, as most of the kids had a
  2. 2. nice and expensive home. Despite that, someone called Marissabullied me everyday, using every chance she got. She was probablyone of the meanest students in the school. Marissa would neverhurt me physically, but it was always those few harsh words thataffected me. Even when I walked past her in the hallway, she wouldsay a sentence or two to me.Even so, I never told any one about this either. It was likesomething just between Marissa and me. She would keep it awayfrom the teachers and parents, and I didn’t want to worry anyone.Since our classmates didn’t want to get in the middle of everything,they never told the teachers. Although her harassing me shouldonly have affected me socially, it also started to affect meacademically. As it got worse, my grades started to go down, and Icould see an obvious drop in the effort I put into my work. My workwas sloppier than it had been before, and I was getting some prettybad feedback about my work. I’m pretty sure my teachers noticedsomething different, but they never asked. They would always lookat me worriedly and ask me if everything was okay. One time, oneof my teachers even asked if I needed to see the guidancecounselor.As I walked down the hallway, I saw Marissa standing acrossfrom me.“Why don’t you get out of my life, already?” It was Marissaagain, greeting me with her “lovely” words.
  3. 3. “Maybe you’re the one bringing me into your life! Why don’tyou get out of my life instead?”“Why would I bring you into my life? You’re way too bad forme anyways.”At that point, I couldn’t stand it anymore. Maybe it was timefor me to get back at her for all that she had been doing to me eversince I moved here about two months ago.On Tuesday, while Marissa had her necklace off and wasn’tlooking, I quietly sneaked over and stole it from her. It was a silvernecklace with a small pendant shaped like a lock in the middle. Itfelt smooth and delicate at my fingertips, giving me the impressionthat it was very expensive. At that point, I didn’t know how muchthis would affect Marissa and me later on; all I cared about wasgetting revenge on her.Since my mom was struggling to raise three kids by herself, Idecided to sell the necklace and give my mom the money to use.That way, I was not only taking revenge on Marissa, but alsohelping my family.When I gave the money to my mom, she seemed prettysurprised.“Where did you get all this money, Ava?” my mom asked.“Well, I’ve been saving up for the past few months, and sinceI didn’t have any use for it, I decided to give it to you so youwouldn’t have to stress that much!”
  4. 4. “Oh! Well, thank you!”She obviously didn’t suspect anything, especially since shedidn’t even know I was being bullied at school.The next day at school, I arrived finding Marissa in anextremely bad mood, most likely because I took her necklace.“Where is my necklace!?” she screamed.Nobody dared to speak, seeing how angry she was.To avoid being caught, I ran down the hallway, pushed openthe glass doors and rushed out to the field. I didn’t know what todo. Should I tell her the truth? Should I lie to her? What if she findsout? I sold the necklace, so even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be ableto return it to her. I suddenly realized that that necklace could havebeen very valuable to her. All the guilt came rushing to me.I decided to just tell her the truth. I mean, lying to herwouldn’t make things better, right? I’m sure we could work thingsout together.As I walked back into the hallway, I heard a small voice speakup all of a sudden.“I saw Ava take it from you when you took it off yesterdayduring break time. I don’t know where she put it though…” All Iknew about that little voice was that it put me in big trouble.“Ava!” I didn’t realize that Marissa could see me from where Iwas.“Wh-wh-at? I didn’t take your necklace!” I stumbled.
  5. 5. However, Marissa realized from the fear in my voice that Iwas lying to her.“Ava! How dare you take my necklace!“I’m sorry! But you could have thought about what you’vebeen doing to me for the past few months. Do you think youwouldn’t have done something bad to me if I treated you that way?It’s not what you think it is, Marissa,” I replied. I really wanted tostop all this right now.“Ava, you don’t know what I’ve went through either! Maybeyou should think about other people for a change!”I was taken back by the anger in her voice after I replied toher so calmly. However, she did have a point. I never really thoughabout what was going on in Marissa’s life the whole time, or whyshe may have been harassing me.“Look, I’m sorry I didn’t think about what was going in yourlife. But you still didn’t have to take it out one me!” I replied.“I know…but you still could have thought about me for achange!”“Well I’m sorry I think of that at that time!” Why couldn’t shejust apologize already? We were so close to getting this over with.“Fine…I’m sorry, too. Now can I have my necklace back?”“Oh…about that…I sold it and used the money to help mymom…”
  6. 6. “What? Um…well then can I have the money back, at least?”I’m glad she didn’t get too angry, or else those few minutes wouldhave been a waste of my time.”In the end, everything worked out. I gave her back themoney I got from selling her necklace, and bought her another one.Turns out, Marissa’s parents were divorced also, and she didn’treally know what to do about it, so she decided to pick on me sincemy parents were divorced, too. Fair enough…I suppose. After that,we became best friends and we pretty much went througheverything together.You know, I guess everything does happen for a reason.