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Wwp4 fd jason 15:05:13 pdf


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Wwp4 fd jason 15:05:13 pdf

  1. 1. Devil’s Cry! My name is Charles, and this whole thing started when I was born. Iwas a newborn in the hospital called Elmer Hospital. My parents loved me somuch they would never let me go, they raised me in a house near a farmland,but I grew up as a lonely person. In my school I was bullied a lot about how Iwas so lonely. When I was in college, I started to get interested with biologyand chemistry; I was so interested that I have decided as my future job to bea scientist figuring out new ways to cure diseases. After my graduation, Ifinally started to become the scientist I wanted to be. It has been three yearsnow of me being a scientist, and I have discovered a way to look over intoother worlds. People started calling me a genius for discovering this way intoanother world , until my discovery sucked me in. I was in a place called hell, Ican see a new world right in front of me and no one else knew. But this “crossover bridge” connecting the real world to the other worlds, became somethingawful when all of the devils started coming into this world. I knew I was theonly one to save the whole world and I can’t stop until I stop the portal. Theproblem is that I can’t get out because the devils son doesn’t want me to.Then I thought to myself, I need to sell my soul to that demon to get out ofhere. Next it happened, I was magically sent back to the real world and whenI looked at my hand, there was a sign of the devil.Jason Hon ! May 8, 2013
  2. 2. “I’m off to work Stephanie”, cried Charles.“Ok, have a good day at your job” said Stephanie.As I went off to work I have noticed a black trail that led all the way down theroad. As I went closer, I was thinking to myself “what is this?” then I found adevil starting to rise from the dead. I knew I had to stop it before it gits out ofcontrol. I first looked to my left, then look to my right of anyone next to me.When it was clear I jumped into battle and start fighting against the devil. Itwas a ferocious battle against good and evil, a women just came joggingdown from the hill top and she found me fighting in mid air for no reason.When she stepped a bit closer, she found out that the thing that I was fightingwas a devil. She was frightened and called the police about it. The policethought it was fake until they sent out one of their men to see the action.When he got there, he also saw the devil that was fighting Charles, Charles’secret was discovered. The policemen called the station and he said, “ IT ISTRUE! THERE IS A DEVIL”. Then the police definitely believed it because iftwo people saw the fight with the devil, it’s obvious they aren’t lying. Then thestation set out all of their troopers to go to the action. Charles was fightingfiercely against the demon until he killed the demon. When he just killed thedemon, he found police officers all around him, even above. The policedyelled, “Put your hands up and turn around!” Charles did what they told himor he would be executed. The Policemen brought him to the station into aJason Hon ! May 8, 2013
  3. 3. Question & Answering room. “What was that you were fighting back there?”said the police officer, Charles couldn’t say anything about the demons or hewill be sent back to hell to the devil. He replayed “I can’t say anything about it!it is a secret”. The police officer kept asking him questions about whathappened, who did this to you and why you could see them”, but Charleskept answering with a negative answer. Until the questioning and answeringwas over, he was told that he needed to go to jail for a day not answeringwhat the police ask. When Charles was released on the next day, Stephaniecame running out of the house towards him. “Where were you? Whathappened? and why are you covered in blood?” cried Stephanie.Charles said “ Look, i’ll explain everything inside.” While Charles explainedeverything, his girlfriend was shocked about this, she said “Charles Is thattrue? really?” Charles replied “ yes Stephanie, it is true”. At first Stephaniewas shocked about it but until she realized there is no way Charles is lying,because Charles never lies. Then there was a giant earthquake thathappened. Stephanie yelled “ WHAT IS GOING ON?” Charles replied “IT’STHE DEVIL, THEY ARE STARTING TO COME OUT!” “WHAT!” saidStephanie. When the earthquake stopped, they stood outside and what theysaw wasn’t the original world, it was hell. Then it happened, the sign on myJason Hon ! May 8, 2013
  4. 4. hand was gone, and blood came out of my hand. “CHARLES LOOK!” Charleslooked right where Stephanie was pointing at, it was the devil.“Charles” said the devil “you have broken your promise! your punishment isyour soul. As the devil started sucking Charles soul, Stephanie quickly pulledCharles back and Stephanie yelled “RUN!”. Charles and Stephanie ran andran until they finally lost the devil. Charles said “Stephanie, I love you, but Ican’t stop the demons leader unless I kill him myself.” Stephanie cried “Whatdo you mean are you saying that you are leaving me behind?” Charlesreplied “No, I mean I could be the only one that can stop that thing, I am justsaying that I may can’t come back”. Stephanie cried and cried and cried, untilshe realized that it was the only way to do it. When Stephanie calmed down,Charles told Stephanie about a portal that she can escape to. Stephanie said“ Ok, I understand, just please try to get back home! please!” Charlespromised that He will try to get back home.Charles stood out strong and brave, and he said “you want me? the comeand get me!” he ran and ran leading the devil away from Stephanie so shecan make her escape. Stephanie jumped in the portal and she was back athome all safe and sound. She sat on a chair and waited for Charles to getback home. At hell, Charles was still being chased by the devil. Until he saidJason Hon ! May 8, 2013
  5. 5. the words that would make the devil blow up, Charles said the words and thatmade the devil blow up. While I was running from the explosion, he said thewords to open the portal back home. It was just a few seconds until Charleswas about to get hit by the explosion. Then he quickly jumped through theportal and landed safely at his home then suddenly he blacked out.When Stephanie found him lying on the floor, she quickly took Charles andput him in cold water because the hellish world was hot. When Charles wokeup, he was in his bed, with packs of iced beans next to him. When Stephaniewalked into the room and saw him awake, she quickly ran towards Charlesand said “Charles! your alright!ah thank god, I thought I lost you”. Charlessaid “ What happen? where am I?” Stephanie replied “why you are at home!”Charles thought to himself and said to himself “I guess this whole thing isover”.Jason Hon ! May 8, 2013