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Understanding to action pyramid


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Understanding to action pyramid

  1. 1. Modified by Ellen Manson RCHK 2009, from a resource created by Chad Hyatt, Sandy Searles Miller Academy for International Studies, IB World School, 2008 Reflection What do I know? How do I know that I am right? How do I feel now about this topic/issue? Responsibility Responsibility What do I need to remember about this? Does Now what? What do I do next? everyone understand? How will I share my understanding? Perspective Perspective What point of view am I seeing this issue through? How can I make sure this action will impact others or How can I make someone else understand? Is there myself? Who will benefit? another way to look at this? Who uses or would use this information? Connection Connection How is this topic/issue similar/different to other Will this action be like anything else I have done? things I know? What will it remind me of? Is there Has someone else done something similar to this? something that I already know that will help me understand? Developing knowledge and Change converting it into action ! Change Has it always been like this? How has it What is this action going to change? changed? Can I do it differently? What will this change for me? Learning > Knowing > Doing Causation Causation Why do I need to know the information about Why will this action make a difference in this topic/issue? Why is this topic/issue like it the world or in my life? What is the is? Why does it work that way? purpose of this action? Function Function How I will use the information about this What is my plan to put this action in place? topic/issue? How does it work? What do I How will the plan work? have to do? How will I learn this? Form Form Information that I will need to know or find out about this What do I need to do right now? topic/issue in order to describe/define/understand it. Exhibition Group Members: Our Central Idea: Inquiry into points: BIG Inquiry Question: