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Carnival ppt final


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Published in: Travel, Business
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Carnival ppt final

  1. 1. Christian LaskarosBill HughesMike MonteQuickTime™ and adecompressorare needed to see this picture.QuickTime™ and adecompressorare needed to see this picture.
  2. 2. Our presentation will focus on the following parts ofCarnivals overall operation- History- Corporate Background-Carnival Today- Fleet Operations-Finance-Human Resources/ Crew Management-Marketing- A ship tour of the Carnival Pride
  3. 3. Background-Carnival was founded in 1972 by Ted Arison-Carnival was a one ship cruise line operating theTSS Mardi Gras- Carnival is based out of Doral, FL a Suburb ofMiami, FL- Carnival was the pioneer for shorter, lessexpensive cruisesTSS Mardi Gras
  4. 4. -Carnival is owned by Carnival Corporation & PLC- It is currently traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) & London Stock Exchange( LSE) under the ticker CCL- The current Chairman is Micky Arison- Carnival Corp. is currently the largest cruise corporation in the world holding 49.2% of theworlds cruise capacity operating 10 different brands operating 102 ships with 7 on order
  5. 5. Present-Carnival Currently Owns and Operates 24 ships- The oldest ship in the fleet in operation for Carnivalis the Carnival Fantasy (1990), the newest is theCarnival Breeze (2012)- These ships are divided into 6 Operating Classes :Fantasy, Destiny, Spirit, Conquest, Splendor, Dream- Carnival currently has one order for a 135,000 GRTShip which will be the largest ship the brand has had- Carnival currently sails from 28 different home ports
  6. 6. Then & NowCarnival Breeze 2012Mardi Gras (1972)
  7. 7. MarketingQuickTime™ and adecompressorare needed to see this picture.
  8. 8. -Carnival has already made the investment to build the ships-Each ship has a specific per berth overhead cost.- It is more beneficial to send the ship out full at highlyreduced rates-Onboard revenue creates profit, paying guests onboard paytips which boost crew morale, help offset fuel cost- Low Cost + Good Experience = Return RevenueFinance & Marketing
  9. 9. Yield ManagementName YearCostMillions USDWeight(GRT) PAX Cost Per Berth
  10. 10. Fleet Operations- Carnival’s fleet has 28 designated “homeports” where theships start & end their cruises- Ships Registry: Nassau, Bahamas & Panama- Carnival is challenged with keeping a consistent brandthroughout the entire world regardless of where the ship is- All Carnival ships must comply with strict International,‘Home Flag,’ and U.S. Government Regulations- Carnival hires a completely international onboard crewrepresenting over 70 countries
  11. 11. Fleet OperationsWhy order Ships in Classes?- Similar hulls save costs- Easy to fix flaws on later class of ship- Allows for shipyard to build with ease & lines to customize- Crew ( both hotel/ marine) can be easily assimilated whichsaves training costs- If successful, easy to build more- Easily customizable & can be shared across corporationQu ick Time™ an d ad eco mp resso rare n eed ed to see th is p ictu re.
  12. 12. Ship Class Example
  13. 13. Ship Class Example
  14. 14. Different Clientele,Different Brand,Different Venues,but its really all theSame Ship!Ship Class Example
  15. 15. True SiblingsCarnival Glory, Carnival Liberty, Carnival DestinyCharlotte Amalie St. Thomas, USVI
  16. 16. keep the old like newQuickTime™ and adecompressorare needed to see this picture.Fleet Operations
  17. 17. Onboard OperationsCrewDeck DepartmentHotel Department- Bridge/Navigational,Engineering,Technical, Safety,Security,Environmental- Guest Services,Boutique, Future CruiseSales, Pursers, Medical,Photo, Entertainment &Passenger Enrichment,Casino, Spa-Carnival has a high retention rate at 98%- “Happy Crew make Happy Passenger’s”- Excellent and Flexible Contracts-Fun Careers at Sea boost morale-Carnival Employes 5,000 Shoreside andnearly 40,000 Shipboard Employees
  18. 18. Final 660 Crew members AboardCarnival HolidayCurrently Sailing as Grand Holiday forIbero Cruises,
  19. 19. Welcome Aboard Carnival Pride-Passengers (PAX) are greeted by shoresidestaff to the Locust Point “ Cruise Maryland”Terminal- The PAX pass through security and areconstantly moving through zig- zag formations- Once through security the PAX proceed to acheck in desk which is separated by deck inorder to decrease lines ( More cabins/ deck=more check in agents)- The PAX are then given a Sail-n- Sign Card- These cards act as shipboard spending accounts,making it easier to swipe away then spend money andprevents fraud by crew- These cards also allow for logistical PAXmanagement for who is aboard the ship and who isashore- They are directly linked to the PAX credit card andpassport- They are then seated until the ship is ready to boardby VFIP class and deck.
  20. 20. -Larger PAX luggage is screened, sniffed and loaded intocrates which are forklifted on the ship- Once aboard Crew works to move the on coming bagsdirectly to PAX cabins so they are their upon arrival of theguest- On average Carnival Pride will move 12,000-15,000 bagsper turnaround dayCarnival Pride Turnaround Day-PAX are then welcomed aboard to usethe public areas while the cabins arebeing cleaned- They are welcomed aboard in aclimate controlled Z gangway whichallows for the PAX to be able to easilywalk up with roll on luggage and becomfortable at the same time- The PAX are welcomed into the grandpromenade in the heart of the ship
  21. 21. Carnival Pride Ship Facts
  22. 22. Turnaround-Carnival Pride will sail on average at 98% capacity for the2013 calendar year embarking over 2,000 PAX per cruise- The Carnival Pride housekeeping department can turnand clean 1,062 cabins between the hours of 10 AM - 130PM-The Carnival Pridehas a 24/7 laundryfacility- Carnival Pride cabinstewards can make aminimum of 20 towelanimals and willmake a differentanimal every night ofthe cruise for theirguests-The Carnival Pridehas its own white,grey and blackwater system.- Carnival Pride iscompletely capableof managing itsown rubbish andonly needs to offload compactedmetals for recycling-On average, CarnivalPride will embark 20-35 new crewmembers per cruise
  23. 23. Carnival Pride Food & Beverage
  24. 24. Galley Tour
  25. 25. Carnival Pride has :-5,000 Glasses- 3,000 Cloth Napkins-4,500 Forks,-2,500 Knives-3,600 Spoons-7,200 DishesBuffet Beverage Station GrillAlternative Steak House in the FunnelMess Station
  26. 26. -The PAX then have time to settle into their cabins once theyare ready- Around 2 pm the ship will discontinue bunker operationsand the fuel barge will complete its transfer of 800 tons offuel- All PAX are required to be aboard the ship for a 3:45 safteymuster drill which is required- Shortly after the drill the entire ship will re open and theship will begin final preparations, drop the lines remove thegangways and thrust off for a 7 day voyage to the Bahamas
  27. 27. Carnival Community ImpactDuring the cruise Carnival Pride holds onboardCharity Events for St. Jude Childrens Hospital and“On Deck for the Cure” for cancer research as away to give back to the community!
  28. 28. Special thanks to:Ms. Kathy Donnelly, BusinessDevelopment Director of MidAtlantic & DC MetroMs. Ann Hall, BusinessDevelopment Director,Manhattan & Westchester, NYMr. Donato Becce, HotelDirector, Carnival Pride&The Captain and Crew ofCarnival PrideThe End!