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Skills 3 p2


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Skills 3 p2

  1. 1. SKILLS 3 P2
  2. 2. I added some images that I had taken that would look goodas posters however they blended in with the background soI adjusted the blending options to add an effect to theoutside of the images. I chose outer glow and change thedefault colour to white to make it contrast with the coverimage
  3. 3. Another thing that blended in with thecover image is part of the mast head,but I didn’t think it looked good all inwhite, so I decided to put a shapeunderneath the masthead so it showedup against the cover image. I changedthe transparency/opacity so it wasn’tdominate over the page and you arestill able to see the image.
  4. 4. I didn’t like the font of the lead article as it looked too much like a poster. I used a brush to make the font looked broken up and would then share similar importance to the mast head. I decided to make the font red to make it stand out which I did by using colour range and filling it with red, but because I had used red ITo add the red into the felt the mast headmasthead I used the needed to include somepaint bucket tool to of this colour too tochange the colour of the maintain house styleflash box and to also fill and so the lead articlein some of the letters in didn’t look lost in thered. page in a different colour
  5. 5. In the end I decided to add another flash box behind the other half ofthe mast head, this made the graphic look whole by both sectionshaving a box behind them. I chose to fill it in red because now themasthead shows the 3 colour that will be used throughout themagazine to maintain house style.I changed the colour of the lead article to make it stand out from theother cover lines on the page. I included a strap line and used a flashbox behind it to show clearly that its part of the lead article.
  6. 6. I wanted to add an effect tomake the posters standout. I decided to use ‘bloodsplats’ I downloaded andappropriate brush for this.However I wanted the‘stamp’ to be the other wayround, so in order to get itin the place that I wanted itto be, I rotated my imageof the poster, used thebrush as a stamp and thenrotated the image back intoplace. After this I changedthe blening optios so itfitted with the image andalso added abevel/emboss feature tothe brush so that it lookedmore realistic and capturesthe reader’s attention
  7. 7. I carried on changing the colours of fonts till I was happy with them andalso used the outer glow on the blending options as a way to deal withthe blending issues. I changed the sharpness and opacity of the glow tomake the text look like it has a bold outline which I also used on themasthead to make it have a clean finish.
  8. 8. Earlier I found it difficult to use the brush in the angle that Iwanted. For my DPS I wanted to use the guitar brush andneeded it to be exactly 180o . As I was using a newerversion of photoshop, I found an option where you wereable to change the orientation of the brush , I used this sothat I could get the brush in exactly the right place.Here I have included a screen shot of the differentorientation of the brushes and show the angle they create.