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Some animals pablo abad 5ºa


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Some animals pablo abad 5ºa

  1. 1. The bee is yellow and black. It´s laborius, small andbeautiful.It can live 20-40 days.It has got a small head with two big eyes.It has got six legs, four wings and it´s very hairy.It lives in many countries.It eats néctar from flowers.Bee
  2. 2. DOGThe dog is brown and black.It´s strong and athletic.It can live 13-18 years old.It has got a small head, big eyes and ears.It has got four legs and a long tail.It eats dog food and bones.
  3. 3. RABBITThe rabbit is brown and white.It´s small and very playful.It has got four legs, two long ears and two small eyes.It eats carrots.
  4. 4. HORSEThe horse is brown.It´s big and fast.It has got very soft fur.It has got a long tail and four thin and very strong legs.It eats horse food and grass.
  5. 5. MONKEYThe monkey is brown.It´s small and fast.It has got a small head and small ears.It has got two legs, two eyes, two ears and a long tail.It eats bananas and insects.
  6. 6. By: Pablo Abad