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Copia de traditional england power point


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Copia de traditional england power point

  1. 1. In England, children wear a uniformat school.
  2. 2. When they are sixteen,they don’t wear a uniform.
  3. 3. The capital of England is London.
  4. 4. The Big Ben is the most importantclock in London.Big Ben isthe name ofthe bell.
  5. 5. The Big Ben is next to the Housesof Parliament
  6. 6. Tower Bridge isthe most typicalbridge over theThames.
  7. 7. The Tower of London is a veryimportant monument.It was aprison inthe past
  8. 8. The tower of London is next toTower Bridge
  9. 9. The beefeaters are the guardsof the tower
  10. 10. Buckingham Palace is the Queen´spalace
  11. 11. The changingof theguard isvery typical.They change athalf past elevenin the morningevery day.
  12. 12. Trafalgar Squareis in the centreof London.Many peoplemeet there.
  13. 13. The London eye is an enormous wheel.People can get on it and havea beautiful view of the city
  14. 14. Double-decker busesare typical in thecity, they are red.
  15. 15. The phone boxesand the post boxesare red too.
  16. 16. But taxis are black
  17. 17. “Bobby” is the traditional namefor a British policeman
  18. 18. Do you knowwhat animalis the symbolof England?Thebulldog
  19. 19. For breakfast English peoplehave...eggs, sausages,bacon, beens...fruit, cakescoffe, tea,juice...
  20. 20. …butter, jam,bread, cakes...It´s the mostimportant mealon the day.
  21. 21. Traditionaly English peoplehad tea at 4 in the afternoon.Today they only have tea onholiday.
  22. 22. They have teaand cakes.Scones aredelicious withjam and cream.
  23. 23. Cricket is a traditional Englishsport
  24. 24. They playcricket insummer.They need a stick,a ball (made of wood)and stumps.
  25. 25. England is into theEuropean Union, butthey don´t use euros,they use pounds andpence (or pennies)
  26. 26. In their free timeEnglish peoplemeet their friendsin pubs
  27. 27. In a pubyou canhave adrink ...…or have somefood too.
  28. 28. There you can havetraditional food likeroastbeef orfish and chips
  29. 29. In summer it´stypical to havefish and chipsoutside
  30. 30. But if you want toknow more things a lot of Englishand go to visit it.You´ll like it