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Still Fighting the Civil War


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Debates about the causes and motives underlying the American Civil War continue unabated.

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Still Fighting the Civil War

  1. 1. Still Fighting the Civil War Dr. Bruce Clary Thursday, January 3, 2013
  2. 2. Here’s one way the Civil War is still being fought today… …but this isn’t the kind of fight I’m talking about.
  3. 3. Americans still fight about…1. What was the Civil War about? What did the soldiers fight for?2. Who was in the right? Which side can lay claim to the moral high ground?3. Which side fought honorably? Did the ends justify the means?4. Which side was more racist? 3
  4. 4. Issues underlying the North/South divide1. What is the meaning of freedom? Who is it for?2. What is the purpose, and what are the limits, of republican government?3. Are all people created equal? What constitutes equal opportunity? 4
  5. 5. Names for the Civil War Union Sympathizers Confederate SympathizersThe Great Rebellion The Lost CauseThe War for the Union The Yankee InvasionThe War for Abolition The War for States’ RightsThe Southern Rebellion The Second American RevolutionThe War of the Rebellion The War for Southern IndependenceThe War Against Slavery The War Against Northern Aggression
  6. 6. Protest signs at the dedication: April 12 • “Just say NO to America’s greatest WAR CRIMINAL — the murderer of 600,000!!” • “NO LINCOLN MEMORIAL Not even with a rope around his neck” • Build a JOHN WILKES BOOTH statue instead!”Bragdon Bowling, Virginia division commander of the Sons ofConfederate Veterans, was a speaker at the protest. He said,“As a Southerner, I’m offended. You wouldn’t put a statue ofWinston Churchill in downtown Berlin, would you? What’s next,a statue of Sherman in Atlanta?”
  7. 7. May 2010Texas State Board ofEducation requireshistory textbooks toinclude the JeffersonDavis’s InauguralAddress. The address isatypical in that it doesnot mention slavery.
  8. 8. The Confederate Battle Flag… A constant source of controversy
  9. 9. This is not an assignment, butI encourage you to poke around the Internet, find other examples of Americans still fighting the Civil War and bring them to class to share.