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Projecting Yourself


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The design of an online portfolio gives it attitude and personality. This attitude and personality can be summarized as your brand. Determine the qualities of your brand before designing your portfolio.

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Projecting Yourself

  1. 1. CM475 SENIOR SEMINAR IN COMM Projecting Yourself Through Your Online Portfolio Design
  2. 2. CM475 Senior Seminar in Comm Your portfolio has a body … … and a soul.
  3. 3. CM475 SENIOR SEMINAR IN COMM The body is the content •Writing samples •Photos •Graphic art •Print pieces •Multimedia •Résumé
  4. 4. Lealea Design design + (sass x class) = results Lealea Design is a branding, web and print design service company focused on evolving brands, engaging websites, and empowering small business. In short, I can help you look good and reach your goals. Maybe even make you money. Sound good? Hire me. I Can Help Expression Engine Design Expression Engine Implementation Branding Strategy Identity Logo Design Marketing Kits Graphic Design Web Standards Consulting find out more about lealea design services
  5. 5. CM475 SENIOR SEMINAR IN COMM The soul is the design •Typography •Color •Images •Graphics •Layout and use of space •Organization
  6. 6. CM475 SENIOR SEMINAR IN COMM Content demonstrates •profession things everyone intoyour if he Skills–the needs to be able do or she expects to get a job •that differentiate you from everyone else Distinguishing abilities–the qualities in your field
  7. 7. CM475 SENIOR SEMINAR IN COMM Design suggests •others toor tone–the way you want Attitude perceive you (business-like, casual, edgy, conservative, ballsy) •like (friendly, funny, quiet, what you are Personality–who you are, quirky, aloof, humble, gregarious)
  8. 8. CM475 SENIOR SEMINAR IN COMM What are the skills and abilities needed by those in your field of choice?
  9. 9. CM475 SENIOR SEMINAR IN COMM What qualities make you different from everyone else who has the expected skills?
  10. 10. CM475 SENIOR SEMINAR IN COMM How do you present yourself? How do you want others to perceive you?
  11. 11. CM475 SENIOR SEMINAR IN COMM What kind of person are you? What are you like?
  12. 12. CM475 SENIOR SEMINAR IN COMM What’s your brand? • Energetic • Dependable • Steady • Artistic • Honest • Powerful • High-quality • Sophisticated • Cutting-edge • Progressive • Fun • Friendly • Confident • Collaborative • Rugged • Creative
  13. 13. CM475 SENIOR SEMINAR IN COMM Your assignment for Thursday •wish three online portfolios that you Find you could say were your own (preferably in your area of interest) •than 10:30URLs of the portfolios no later E-mail the a.m. Thursday •words forclass prepared that name the Come to with three each portfolio portfolio’s brand qualities
  14. 14. CM475 SENIOR SEMINAR IN COMM Your assignment for March 3 •each of the four questions posed for Prepare a list of 6 to 12 answers on slides 9-12 •words that name the brand qualities (or Come to the Spec lab class with three image) you want to communicate in your portfolio design