USBR 2013 Operations for Western Montana Reservoirs


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USBR 2013 Operations for Western Montana Reservoirs presentation at the 2013 Clark Fork River Basin Task Force meeting.

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USBR 2013 Operations for Western Montana Reservoirs

  1. 1. 2013 Operations for WesternMontana Projects
  2. 2. Hungry Horse Reservoir
  3. 3. • May Final Runoff Forecast for HungryHorse inflow is 1665 kaf (May-Jul) which is106% of average.• Hungry Horse reduced discharges May 13– May 15 for local flood control operations.• Peak inflow so far this year was 33,500 cfs(average daily) on May 14.
  4. 4. 020004000600080001000012000140001600018000200003510.003520.003530.003540.003550.003560.003570.001-Oct 1-Nov 1-Dec 1-Jan 1-Feb 1-Mar 1-Apr 1-May 1-Jun 1-Jul 1-Aug 1-SepDischarge(cfs)ReservoirElevation(ft)Hungry Horse Operations (WY 2013)2013 Forebay (ft) 2012 Forebay (ft) Sep 30 target 2013 Discharge(cfs)Discharge decreasefor local floodcontrol
  5. 5. Lake Como
  6. 6. • NWRFC latest forecast (5/22) for theBitterroot River near Darby is 67% ofaverage
  7. 7. 4180.004190.004200.004210.004220.004230.004240.004250.001-Oct 31-Oct 30-Nov 30-Dec 29-Jan 28-Feb 30-Mar 29-Apr 29-May 28-Jun 28-Jul 27-Aug 26-SepReservoirElevation(ft)Como Operations (WY 2013)2010 Forebay (ft) 2011 Forebay (ft) 2012 Forebay (ft) 2013 Forebay (ft)
  8. 8. Summary• Average snowpack and average water supplyvolume for Hungry Horse. Below average watersupply volume for Como• Both Hungry Horse and Como expected to refillin June• Hungry Horse will continue to help provide localflood control protection while there is still spacein reservoir to do so.