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Ch.4 Why Phones Will Be Context Aware (04:58)


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Clark Dodsworth, NEXT 2011, Aarhus Festival, DK | Ch.04 Why Smartphones Will Be Context Aware (04:58)

Mobile devices become a 24/7 sensor platform for n dimensions of your daily behavior, needs, and interactions. This data, combined with good A.I. and realtime Big Data analytics can drive Context Awareness to assist anyone to optimally deal with the moment, serving as a core method of sorting and prioritizing relevant external and intenal datastreams into dynamically delivery based on constantly updated evaluation of salience. In addition, your data, appropriately owned, allocated, permissioned, and scrubbed, can financially benefit you and others, as well as vendors, when aggregated across many users and use cases. Data ownership is long overdue and will significantly alter current money flows.

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