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Published in: Technology, Education
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  1. 1. Ken’s Journey
  2. 2. Mareeba, Queensland 1955: Mareeba 1960 - 1964: Maryborough 1964 - 1966: Emerald State 1966 - 1968: Emerald High 1968 – June 1973: North Rockhampton High 19End 1973: Miss English
  3. 3. 1973: Teller, Commonwealth Bank 1974 - 1975: Cost Clerk, Main Roads Queensland 1976 - 1977: Religious, Order of St Francis, Brisbane 1977 - 1990: Various jobs with the Railways Queensland 1990 - 1996: Religious, Order of St Augustine ‘94 – ‘95: Sessional tutoring McGill 1998 - 2002: Coordinator, Learning Network Queensland ‘98 – ’02:Sessional tutoring CQU 2003 - : Academic, Central Queensland University BA (History, Psychology, Sociology, Communications)(CQU) BA (Women’s Study) (Murdoch) M.Litt (Cultural Studies)(CQU) GCFL (CQU) BTh (McGill) MA (Theology)(ACU) – unfinished.
  4. 4. Interests: : Learning : Technology : How technology can aid learning : How we engage university students : User behaviour in LMS : How do we use technology to enhance our learning Indicator’s Project: A Joint Project Looking at the Data in the current, and future, LMS Learner/Teacher Paradigm: Data-mining for academic behaviour
  5. 5. Reflective: Read, reflect, read, reflect ad infinitum Sensing: Remember facts, numbers, faces, etcetera Visual: Visual is good, verbal is a waste for me Sequential: I measured one on this scale, so I am balanced.
  6. 6. Team Player Enthusiastic for students Love learning Adaptable Deep thinker Love reading Love what I teach Willing to learn from my mistakes Deep thinker Silent Frightened of success Not pushy Quiescent Abhor confrontation Critical of myself Procrastinator Easily swayed
  7. 7. Just for fun Facilitated Student centred Flexible Based on sound pedagogy Learning involves harnessing the impulses that reside within us directing us towards fulfilling a need to explore, to create, to communicate for the enhancement of all